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Switzerland: these details on Biya’s health that have provoked the anger of Yaoundé

The Cameroonian president is said to suffer from prostate hyperplasia
The Cameroonian president would suffer from prostate hyperplasia

– Paul Biya does not read on the means to keep himself in shape

– The Cameroonian president would suffer from prostate hyperplasia

– Paul Biya is well for his age

The Cameroonian authorities did not appreciate the revelations made by the Western media on the health of the President of the Republic Paul Biya. While several local newspapers announced that he was seriously ill and hospitalized in Switzerland, Paul Biya returned to Cameroon on May 19, 2022 in good health with energy to spare. The 89-year-old Head of State presided over the military and civilian parade of May 20 the next day. For long minutes, Paul Biya stood up straight to greet the troops. To meet this challenge, the President of the Republic was forced to spend a few days his favorite clinic in Geneva.

According to a doctor previously consulted by Jeune Afrique, Paul Biya would suffer from prostate hyperplasia, a disease caused by the increase in size of the prostate caused by a proliferation (hyperplasia) of cells in the prostate. Found in people over the age of 50, prostate hyperplasia causes, among other things, a sudden or urgent need to urinate, difficulty in controlling the bladder (incontinence), which can lead to urine leakage.

“The Cameroonian president’s health report card is a well-kept secret. The Swiss private clinics that he visits on a regular basis ensure confidentiality. When his care requires him to go to a hospital, the relevant ward puts its staff of African origin on leave, if necessary.

According to a professor of general medicine of Cameroonian origin who has observed him from afar for decades, patient Biya is a well-preserved octogenarian, but at 84 (sic 89), “it is highly likely that he suffers from prostate hyperplasia, which is normal for his age,” reports Jeune Afrique.

Good hygiene

However, Jeune Afrique specifies that Paul Biya does not suffer from a stroke as some sources indicate. The Cameroonian president owes his remarkable form to his lifestyle. “From the gait of the head of state, less alert in recent years, one can guess some joint problems, and his difficulty in climbing stairs suggests arthritis. Although national television is forbidden to film him too closely, it is obvious that he has never had facial plastic surgery, unlike some of his counterparts.

The face of this cycling enthusiast shows no signs of stroke, according to the same doctor. His longevity is due to his lifestyle: not very social, he eats sober, even if he is a wine lover. The many rumors about his health make him smile and sometimes he plays with them,” says Young Africa.

Read the clarification of Rene Emmanuel Sadi:

“In a program broadcast on Radio France International (RFI) in the morning of Saturday, May 21, 2022, Mr. Jean-Baptiste PLACCA, Chronicler on duty in the said radio, setting himself up as a teacher, thought he had to reveal to the public, through ubiquitous speculations and conjectures, the supposed real reasons for the short private stay that the Cameroonian presidential couple has just made on the territory of the Swiss Confederation.

Faced with the inappropriate, offensive and derogatory remarks made on this occasion by the person concerned, I intend to make the following clarifications.
Firstly, for the Cameroonian opinion, the press release of the Presidency of the Republic announcing the stay of the Head of State in Europe, had nothing sibylline. It was completely in accordance with our customs in this matter, and therefore, did not pose any difficulty of understanding for those for whom it was intended, namely: Cameroonians.

Secondly, the private visits of the Head of State inside and outside the country are opportunities for him either to solve problems of personal interest or to have contacts with important personalities or partners on issues relating to the major challenges of the Nation.

Thirdly, the private stays of the President of the Republic in Switzerland, as we know, do not date from today. They are the result of a personal and free choice, which is in no way incompatible with the deep passion that he naturally has for his country.

Moreover, these visits have never been met with any hostility from the host country, with which, it should be noted, Cameroon maintains excellent relations.

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