Wood export ban: Ngoh Ngoh puts Franck Biya Off Business

Wood export ban: Ngoh Ngoh puts Franck Biya Off Business

N Melo
by N Melo
June 16, 2022 0

Wood export ban: Ngoh Ngoh puts Franck Biya Off Business

Franck Biya and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh

• The government has taken a decision regulating the exploitation of timber

• Cameroon will no longer export timber by 2023

• A decision instructed by the Presidency of the Republic

The scop4.com editorial staff has learned that timber export activities are prohibited in Cameroon. By 2023, no more logs will leave Cameroon. A decision that would target, according to some analysts, the son of the Cameroonian head of state Franck Biya who is in the exploitation of Cameroonian forests.

“The Cameroonian State which not only wishes to encourage local processing before export, but also to replenish its tax base through the development of the next finance law”, we learn from an official source.

In Cameroon, it is known that Franck Biya is a key player in the exploitation of forests. Since 1997, he has been a partner of the company INGF, which specializes in the industrial processing of exotic woods, and in their marketing for local and foreign markets.

Franck Biya, spent part of his youth in Europe and the United States. Not too visible on the political level, he prefers to pull the strings rather than to be an actor at the risk of lending the flank to criticism.

He leaves the occupation of public space to his cousins, the president’s nephews, the most prominent of whom is Bonaventure Mvondo Assam, the shadowy CPDM MP, but also to the all-powerful Edgar Alain Mébé Ngo’o, current Minister of Transport and adopted son of Paul Biya (son of his brother), nicknamed “Vice-president”.

To play on two counts, Franck Biya has compensated for his political inexperience with his penchant for business since the interruption in the 1990s of his studies in the United States to embark on logging in the country. Outside the Cameroonian forests, Franck is an economic promoter at the head of Afrione Cameroon and SFA Ingénierie. However, it is difficult to know “exactly the different sectors in which Franck Biya invests, nor the extent of his network”. Franck Biya was able to rub shoulders with the most powerful men and women of the Republic. To the point of building up a powerful network that would easily open the doors of the Etoudi Palace to him. However, if he takes the plunge, Franck Biya will have to go through the ballot box.

Networks and support, Franck Biya, often presented as the unofficial who whispers in the ear of the president, had to cultivate a lot in his business partners but also through the major projects for which he advises his father. In the corridors of the Palace of Unity, he also had to make declared enemies or lurking in the shadows, especially among the presidential candidates who believed in their chance to become Paul Biya’s replacement. In addition to his rivals, he should also inherit his father’s enemies. A heavy legacy on the path to power that pushes Franck Emmanuel Olivier Biya to consolidate himself in the role of the man who does not want to be president in place of his father.

Franck is regularly present in decision-making spheres while showing unparalleled discretion, he is unquestionably a loyal and sincere personality endowed with excellent self-control; according to those who have worked with him, he is above all a man full of humility, the least compromised collaborator, the least calculating, the least pedantic, the least resentful, the least exposed and the least partisan.

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