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Why did Boris Johnson resign as prime minister?

Why did Boris Johnson resign as prime minister?

N Melo
by N Melo
September 7, 2022 0

Why did Boris Johnson resign as prime minister?

Former PM Boris Johnson has officially been replaced by Liz Truss but why was he forced to reign? And how long was he in the role?

Boris Johnson lost the support of his fellow MPS earlier this year following a number of incidents while he was the leader of the Conservative party.

Now, Liz Truss has officially taken over his role as prime minister as he steps down following his letter of resignation in July 2022.

So why was Mr Johnson forced to quit as PM? And how long was he in the role? Here’s everything you need to know including what Boris will do next.

Boris Johnson leaving 10 Downing Street
Boris Johnson is now considering a new future after stepping down as PM. Picture: Alamy
Why did Boris Johnson resign?
A number of factors ultimately led Boris to lose the support and confidence of his fellow MPs in the lead up to his exit.

Firstly, there was the Chris Pincher affair where Johnson’s deputy chief whip was accused of groping two men, a complaint Boris claimed to be unaware of which later turned out to be untrue.

There was also Partygate where it was discovered the PM and a number of MPs attended gatherings despite strict lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

The cost of living crisis and tax rises also clouded his leadership as did his actual skills to lead the country – Dominic Cummings accused him of being an ‘out-of-control shopping trolley’.

Boris Johnson’s resignation speech in full
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Liz Truss speaking
Liz Truss has officially taken over from Boris Johnson as PM. Picture: Alamy
When did Boris Johnson become PM and how long for?
Boris was elected on July 24 2019 and officially ended his role on September 5 2022.

Despite his amazing victory to get the job as PM, he only ended up doing it for less than three years.

What’s next for Boris Johnson?
No comeback plan has been revealed for Boris, however, there is plenty of speculation over what he may do next.

This includes returning to writing and journalism and becoming a public speaker – both of which pay extremely well.

Many have also voiced the opinion that he will remain in politics, which will be a back bencher for now, and eventually work his way back up the ladder.

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