what killed the BIR Instructor AT THE IDIMED CLINIC

what killed the BIR Instructor AT THE IDIMED CLINIC

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May 27, 2022 0

A BIR instructor sergeant died at IDIMED

• This is Mouyakan Amougnol

• Summons sent to doctors and clinic

The case is experiencing a new twist with the opening of an investigation vis-à-vis the managers of the clinic.

The editorial staff of scop4.com has learned that the Douala Court of First Instance opened several investigations this week after the death of the Sergeant – Instructor of the BIR, Mouyakan Amougnol in catastrophic circumstances at the IDIMED clinic in Douala.

Indeed, summonses were sent to the two doctors who operated, in particular the neurosurgeon and the anesthesiologist. The head of the IDIMED polyclinic also received a summons.

They will be listened to in the case of the murder of the sergeant – instructor of the BIR.

Complaints have been filed at the Douala court of first instance and at the military court against the two doctors and the Idimed Polyclinic accused of having caused the death of a young BIR instructor. The victim’s brother confided in whistleblower Boris Bertolt.

“My little brother arrives in Douala on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 from Limbe in his vehicle and is transferred to the BIR base in Joupwe (I assume so that the negotiations are between Dr. Ewane from Laquintinie hospital and his medical accomplices from the BIR in Limbe). He was an instructor at BIR.

2. On Thursday, the BIR ambulance picks him up at 4 p.m. and drops him off at IDIMED, no doctor comes to see him. He spends the night there. He had been transferred from the BIR on the instructions of captain doctor Ngoupayou of the BIR in Limbe who had already received money from the BIR for the young person to be treated.

But the start of the BIR that you can read sends him to the general hospital of Douala not for an operation but a consultation. However, the BIR instructor ends up at IDIMED.

3. On Friday the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, Binam arrive and ask him to prepare for the block, the time to finish with another patient who was there.
The anesthesiologist sees him in my presence and asks him a few questions, takes his weight and says “it’s fine”. And me to ask him, is that all? He answers me, don’t worry, we’re used to it.

4. He enters the operating room at 12.30 p.m….and does not come out until around 3 p.m. unconscious, intubated and on respiratory assistance.
When I try to find out what happened the anesthesiologist answers me this: “we administered the normal dose to him, but since he did not fall asleep, we added” (there are witnesses, in particular my older brother with whom I was throwing in the room where we placed him.

5. Then the anesthetist puts a protocol in motion to wake him up, he tells us, and leaves, leaving the IDIMED nurses to manage.

6. When things start to turn sour…the nurses call him back and that’s when he asks to be transferred to the general hospital in Douala. He himself does not come.
The little one dies in front of the emergency room of the general hospital of Douala in the ambulance of IDIMED.

The family filed a complaint against IDIMED and the two doctors at the Douala court of first instance and at the military court.
Family contact number: 00237 655 91 67 61. Me Alain Fleurie Mougnol.

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