Violent response from the BIR,after No pity executed soldier separatists eliminated in Bamenda

Violent response from the BIR,after No pity executed soldier separatists eliminated in Bamenda

N Melo
by N Melo
June 10, 2022 0

violent response from the BIR,after No pity executed soldier separatists eliminated in Bamenda

Weapons of the ambaboys eliminated this Friday, the images of the bodies are unbearable

The Cameroonian army has reinforced its offensives in Noso in recent hours, following the tragedy in Njitapon which caused the death of 9 gendarmes belonging to the special forces unit.

According to information received by the Cameroon editorial staff, an army operation in the Mezam department cost the lives of at least 3 separatist fighters.

Our sources indicate that weapons and a large quantity of ammunition seized.

“At least 3 Ambazonian separatists Neutralized by the Cameroonian army, an Automatic Pistol (AP) seized, 1,900 ammunition seized, Explosive discharge tools also seized in Chomba”, we learn in particular from our security source.

Chomba is a village in the commune of Bamenda II in the department of Mezam in Cameroon. The village is located 7 km from the city of Bamenda.

24 hours after the deadly attack claimed by the separatist fighter No Pity which killed 9 people in the army camp, tongues are loosened.

Many sound elements attributed to the surviving soldiers of the attack speak of the anger that reigns within the troops. According to the revelations, the Cameroonian soldiers had all the means to neutralize the attackers. Long before the attack, the soldiers say they informed their superiors of the position of No Pity and his men. They are shocked by the silence of the hierarchy which did not give the necessary instructions to overcome the enemy.

“I am a pilot, I received all the information from these places. We realized. No provision has been made. Now the guys are under attack. (…) Why did they not react? we have the right to be angry. We are in the oven and the mill here. We are compressed my boss. “Asks a soldier.
Other soldiers reveal the availability of materials necessary to eliminate No Pity and his gang but do not understand why the hierarchy refuses to use them.

“For more than 35 minutes, we have only given the position of No Pity with his guys. They are about 58 men. What are we taking as a disposition? With all the hardware we have, why not deploy it. We have battle tanks here in the store. Then we will kill people and the processions of V8 and V14 will come to watch us and come back? “, can we hear in an audio element.

These revelations of these Cameroonian soldiers bring water to the mill of the followers of the conspiracy theories. More of them are convinced that some senior army officers have made the war in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon a business. He would do anything to make this war last as long as possible so that they could fatten themselves.

N Melo
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