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Violence in schools: here is the ranking of the most dangerous schools

Violence in schools: here is the ranking of the most dangerous schools

N Melo
by N Melo
September 22, 2022 0

Violence in schools: here is the ranking of the most dangerous schools

On the floor, a pupil of the first class F2 who was transferred to the regional hospital of Ebolowa for intensive care; which led to the ipso facto descent of the Minister of Secondary Education to the hospital to inquire about the state of health of the victim.

School violence already seems to be classified as routine. Last year in another technical school, this time in Ebolowa, a 1st year student pointed the screwdriver in the abdomen of a 1st class student. We remembered the scene in a school in Nkolbisson in Yaoundé where a young teacher passed from life to death with chalk in his hands. The list is far from exhaustive for such cases of violence in schools for the last year alone.

For the 2022-2023 school year, just one week after the start of classes, we are back to square one with the circus. We wonder what the balance sheet could be by the end of the school year already underway, how to stop this propensity. These are important concerns of the educational family.
Paul-Pierre, citizen of the city of Ebolowa, speaks of generalized intolerance in our society coupled with indiscipline. The child who easily copies only the bad example transforms the school grounds into an arena of experimentation.

For him, on top of that, the numbers no longer allow teachers to have control over all the students. As a result, the adrenaline rises quickly at the slightest gesture with the youth of most of these teachers. What happened to incite the unexpected descent of Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education (Minesec) in Ebolowa. This is to certainly bring comfort to the student and reassure the whole educational family about the current school year. According to Valère Aimé Ebwelle, teacher guidance counselor, the man through whom the tragedy almost happened.

Out of danger

Outraged by the insults of the student Ulrich Ateba, not happy with the advice to the students. Being at the back of the class, the teacher called her several times to come to him, but there was no follow-up. According to some students who requested anonymity, this is how the orientation teacher frolics on the bench tables and finds the student at the back of the room where he kicks him which reaches a wrong place.

The student writhed in pain, and we thought everything was going to pass, the day ended without apparent worries. It is at the family home that the pain intensifies, the parents take the student to a health facility, taking care to inform the headmaster of the school. ambam, not being able to intervene for lack of appropriate technical platform referred the patient to the regional hospital of Ebolowa where the technical platform is higher.

The principal of the said high school Benjamin Betare provides information on the behavior of the teacher and the student. For him, his teacher is one of the most exemplary personal and even a model of discipline and counselor on issues of violence. The student meanwhile, new to the class of troublemakers having all failed the 2022 probation.

It should be noted that the medical report of the attending physician tells us that the student is out of danger despite the concerns and news that is shaken at high speed. Minesec congratulated the nursing staff, expressed the government’s gratitude and encouraged the parents by emphasizing the reserve they showed following the incident. Strongly, the national symposium on violence in the school environment is awaited.

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