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Valère Bessala: ‘Elecam must be removed’ (video)

Valère Bessala: ‘Elecam must be removed’ (video)

N Melo
by N Melo
September 6, 2022 0

‘Elecam must be removed’ : Valère Bessala

The civil administrator and youth guide is against this state institution. He purely and simply asks that this body be wiped off the institutional map of Cameroon.

It is a debate on the electoral framework, the mobilizations of each other on the electoral lists which led the latter to make such statements.

He believes that the results of the votes would be known in advance so for Elecam does it exist?

The very disappointed people have no choice but your default. And by default in Cameroon, it is the CPDM of Paul Biya.

“People would rather vote for a devil they know earlier than angels they don’t know. »

Reacting to the question: End of voter registration operations, have the political parties mobilized enough?

Le Guide de la Jouvence thinks that the debate is elsewhere.

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