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Urgent: Several disabled people arrested by the police in Yaounde [video]

Urgent: Several disabled people arrested by the police in Yaounde [video]

N Melo
by N Melo
June 28, 2022 0

Urgent: Several disabled people were arrested by the police in Yaounde


They are several visually impaired people who were arrested by the police

• They were demonstrating in Yaoundé to claim their rights

• They are in detention at the central police station Nº1 in Yaoundé

In a 36-second video extract received by the editorial staff of camerounweb.com, we see many blind people locked in a cell denouncing their living conditions. This is a group of blind people who have decided to take to the streets to be heard. They were arrested by the police this morning in front of the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé as they were heading towards the services of the Prime Ministry to hold a sit-in.

<< This Monday, July 27, 2022, the community of people living with disabilities, more specifically the blind, came out to claim their rights. Currently we are locked up in the central police station number Yaoundè. We are not alone, the others are on the other side and the others are scattering in the city. What we want is for you to know what our condition is now. We want the job! We want the job! We want the job! >> . Scand blind disabled people detained in the jails of Yaoundé central police station Nº1 in a video that reached our editorial staff.

Indeed, since November 2021, the visually handicapped in Cameroon have come together to create the collective of blind and visually impaired people in Cameroon (CAMIC) in order to issue a number of demands to the government. to improve their living conditions and that of disabled people in general. This initiative was born following a feeling of general frustration within the community of people with disabilities in Cameroon, not only because of the precariousness of their living conditions, their exclusion due to their disability in certain competitions and recruitments despite proof that they have the training required to participate, but also and above all because of an N/th violation of their rights, in particular article 38 paragraph 2 of law n°2010/002 of April 13, 2010 on the protection and promotion of the disabled person which provides that: “With equal qualifications, priority in recruitment is given to the disabled person…” / i>.

Resulting in the facts by the rejection of 03 (three) of their eligible in the journalism sector in the competition for direct integration into the public service of the State.
From this evaluation meeting, it emerged that, although the decree granting the age exemption for people with disabilities during administrative competitions and recruitment to the State civil service was signed on May 19, 2021 By the Prime Minister Head of Government, all of these grievances have unfortunately not found a solution, despite the promises of the Ministry of Social Affairs from the meetings of Saturday December 18, 2021, Friday March 18, Friday 08 and Wednesday, April 13 within it.

These grievances are as follows :

– The immediate recruitment of these 03 (three) journalists;
– granting a disability pension to disabled people in Cameroon.
-The creation of a special fund for the financing of projects and micro-projects led by people with disabilities:
-The organization of special recruitment to the public service exclusively reserved for people with disabilities, taking into account the different types of disabilities;
-Respect for the quota of 10% (ten percent) reserved for people with disabilities, taking into account the different types of disability during competitions and recruitments for public and private jobs. This quota, provided for by the law of 1983 on the protection and promotion of the disabled, is the content of a previous provision but not contrary to those of the law of 2010.

On the strength of this observation, and inhabited by the feeling of not having in front of an attentive interlocutor, but committed to organizing underground maneuvers aimed at preventing their claims, the group of indignant blind and partially sighted people of Cameroon (CAMIC) decided to express publicly and through a sit-in his indignation and dismay this June 27, 2022 in Yaoundè. It was therefore during this demonstration that they were arrested and locked up in the cells of central police station No. 1 in Yaoundé.

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