URGENT: Cabral Libii prosecuted by American justice for Fraud

URGENT: Cabral Libii prosecuted by American justice for Fraud

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June 29, 2022 0

URGENT: Cabral Libii prosecuted by American justice for Fraud

Emile Parfait Simb has managed to flee Cameroon but his victims do not give up. The nonchalance of Cameroonian justice in the fraud case which swallowed up billions of CFA francs of savings of LIYEPLIMAL subscribers pushed its latter to seize American justice.

The case entrusted to judges John Michael Vazquez and Cathy L. Waldor was enlisted on June 23, 2022. The offenses charged against the defendants are: “Civil torts – Personal property – Other frauds”. Among the hundred or so people prosecuted by the American courts, there are several executives of LIYEPLIMAL and the Cameroonian deputy Cabral Libii.

The PCRN president is not the only Cameroonian personality involved in this affair. Journalist Jean-Jacques MOIFFO, activist Nathalie Yamb and businessman on the run Emile Parfait Simb are also being prosecuted by American justice.

The legal action was initiated by the complaint filed by a small part of the victims of LIYEPLIMAL. They are: Solomon Kabore, Paul Ekwalla Ekollo, Rosine Foukeng Djouda, Hyppolitte Djouda, Annie Ngo Dipoumbi, Hilaire Bouda, Armel Constant Boguissogo, Armel Bemmo, Eleonore Tientcheu, Editch Tche, Noelie Tapsoba, Nwafo Wandji Cathy Stella, Sirina Savadogo , Kumakolo Frida Paola, Sabine Hortense Ntsama, Timothee Ntamack, Francois Emmanuel Nguetta, Arthur Tiam Ngnepiepaye, Dieudonne Mananga, Mayessa M.Koulibay Leman.

To defend their interests, the plaintiffs have retained the services of the famous law firm Criscione Ravala, LLP with lawyers approved in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, Washington DC and Florida.

It should be remembered, from his publications, the deputy Cabral Libii was favorable to the project of Parfait Emile Simb. He had also invited the authorities to support the sulphurous businessman. “I have always had a different look at the head of Liyeplimal (Émile Parfait Simb, Editor’s note). I always saw him as a brave and ambitious person, and I think the government should use him to regulate the bitcoin industry,” he said. For the victims of Liyeplimal, the deputy is one of the accomplices of Parfait Emile Simb.
This is not the first time that Cabral Libii has been cited in a fraud case.

Arrested at the airport

During his first trip to Europe, the president of the PCRN was arrested by the French police according to the revelations of Claude Mbédé. Supporters of the MP allegedly bought his ticket to Italy with a stolen credit card.
“He has to go to Italy. A number belonging to a certain Luc calls me; Cabral Libii was arrested by the French gendarmerie. He panics. The gendarme explains to me that Cabral Libii has a stolen plane ticket. It was a traced plane ticket. Cabral Libii’s friends in Italy are Feymens. They stole a credit card and they bought Cabral Libii’s plane ticket,” reveals Jean Claude Mbédé who indicated that he had intervened for the release of the leader of the Green Party party.

If Jean Claude Mbédé makes all these revelations today, it is because the journalist no longer supports the attacks of Cabral Libii militants who have now targeted his family. He also invites the president of the PCRN to present a public apology to him. The war between the two friends of yesterday has taken a new turn since revelations by Jean Claude Mbédé accusing Cabral Libii of having won contracts in the fight against Covid-19 in Cameroon.

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