URGENT: a serious accusation knocks on the door of Samuel Eto’o involving One All Sports

URGENT: a serious accusation knocks on the door of Samuel Eto’o involving One All Sports

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August 14, 2022 0

URGENT: a serious accusation knocks on the door of Samuel Eto’o involving One All Sports

At the end of July, when the Women’s African Cup of Nations had just ended in Morocco,Samuel Eto ‘o decided to end the contract which had linked the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fécafoot) since 2019 with the French equipment manufacturer Le Coq Sportif. Since then, the name of the brand that will dress the Indomitable Lions, especially during the World Cup in Qatar in December, is not yet known.

Before the consequences of the affair with Le Coq Sportif in court, the Cameroonian Football Federation announced on Friday the name of its new equipment supplier. Unknown to all, the One All Sports brand will, against all odds, be the new equipment supplier for the Cameroon football team.Samuel Eto ‘o once again takes everyone on the wrong foot. The Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) announced on Friday that it had finally opted for One All Sports, an American equipment manufacturer.

The American company can boast of having twenty (20) years of experience in the sportswear and accessories industry.

However, many critics see many irregularities in this operation. This is the case, for example, of the Cameroonian journalist Boris Bertolt who regrets the procedural flaws in the entire administrative process that led to the choice of the company One All Sports among many others.

The latter after criticism sent a spade to the President of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot),Samuel Eto ‘o as you can see in the illustration photo.

Information from reliable sources reached the editorial staff of CameroonWeb said that the big brands Puma and Adidas were pre-selected. But you have to believe thatSamuel Eto ‘o Fils and his Executive Committee had reasons not to choose them.

The Qatari sports channel Being Sports, like all the media around the world, were surprised by this choice made by Fecafoot. Even Cameroonians are surprised. They expected to see change, but not one that was so overwhelming. “A perfect counterpoint” is how a local journalist described the news.

For political scientist Vincent Sosthène Fouda, it could be thatSamuel Eto ‘o is a shareholder of this new equipment manufacturer and he would not be surprised to learn one fine morning that this has been proven.

“Football is a big story of money laundering through the contracts of players and coaches, equipment manufacturers. In Africa and in Cameroon in particular, FECAFOOT and the supervising Minister make coaches sign contracts, which contracts never come to an end. At the end of the line of big retro-commissions. Who still remembers Javier Clemente as Cameroon coach? Eto’o has just added the choice of equipment supplier to this list. Nobody ever heard of him before he signed with Cameroon. Where is he from? What is he doing? However, we trust Eto’o because he knows the world of football and all its mafia. I will not be surprised if this equipment manufacturer has as a shareholderSamuel Eto ‘o and some of his friends. The main thing for Cameroon is to see some of this financial windfall benefit football players. See the national teams of all categories finally dressed properly,” said Vincent Sosthène Fouda on Facebook.

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