Unjustly arrested for embezzlement of 95 million, she is acquitted 3 years later

Unjustly arrested for embezzlement of 95 million, she is acquitted 3 years later

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Unjustly arrested for embezzlement of 95 million, she is acquitted 3 years later

Maryama is a former head of administrative and financial affairs of the Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications (ART) in Cameroon. She was prosecuted for alleged misappropriation of the sum of 95 million 245 thousand 920 CFA francs. On November 01, 2021, she was acquitted. The maintenance in prison of this accused during this period constitutes a violation of the law. It is for this reason that the victim is entitled to claim compensation.

Dame Maryamou épouse Idrissou was recruited by the Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications (Art) on September 1, 2000. She was recruited to the position of support manager on the basis of a Baccalaureate G2, obtained in Chad in 1998. Within this structure, she puts her activity at the service of her employer. Thus, her career path evolved in 2004. Dame Maryamou was appointed head of the administrative and financial affairs department of Art. In the meantime, the Superior State Control (Consupe) opens a procedure for the authentication of false diplomas. The latter is set up, at the instruction of the President of the Republic. This, following the denunciations brought to his attention by third parties.

The Consupe mission collects the photocopies of the diplomas of the Art personnel. It then transmits them to the institutions concerned.
The mission carried out by Consupe concerns the verification of the management of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency during the period from 1999 to 2009. “The results obtained from these consultations have established that Maryamou wife Idrissou was the holder of a higher technician’s certificate obtained in Ndiamena in Chad and declared false by the 66th session of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Abroad,” said Jovani Bakoua, author of the report of the audit mission of Consupe. The witness for the prosecution continues: “Regarding Mrs. Ngono Anne Marlyse, she was found to hold a baccalaureate A4 session 2008 declared false by the office of the Baccalaureate.

Lady Maryamou does not suspect anything. No precautionary measures were taken against her. Thus, she continues to put her activity in the service of her employer until 05 August 2019. Against all odds, she was arrested and incarcerated in the central prison of Yaoundé Kondengui. The facts evolve during the hearings. “After having informed me that my diploma was false, the committee never produced a document that
After informing me that my diploma was false, the committee never produced a document that proved that the diploma was not authentic,” said Maryamou during her examination-in-chief held on May 19, 2021 at the Special Criminal Court in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

In his closing arguments, the Attorney General supported the guilt of the accused. Reason? Maryamou Idrissou wife did not produce an administrative document
administrative document attesting to the regularity of her diploma. Fraud corrupts everything.
The salary income received on the basis of her false diplomas were fraudulent”, concludes the representative of the Public Prosecutor.
“The court, ruling by default with regard to Mrs. Ngono Anne Marlyse, and contradictorily with regard to the other parties, declares Mrs. Maryamou wife Idrissou, not guilty of the facts of embezzlement of public property and acquits her with the benefit of the doubt…

The defense lawyer opposed the prosecution’s demands. Me
Koa speaks of a “serious” doubt as to the fraudulent nature of Maryamou’s degree. At the hearing of October 15, 2021, Maryamou’s defense attorney believes that “the court cannot base its decision on a document that has erroneous elements at the risk of rendering a decision contrary to law. He pleaded for the acquittal of his client, with the benefit of the doubt. Maryamou’s wife is being prosecuted for the alleged offence of misappropriation of public property in the amount of 95 million 245 thousand 920 CFA francs.

This sum represents her salary received during 19 years of service in the Art. She is provisionally detained for 03 years, during which time she will appear before the Special Criminal Court.
Prosecuted for alleged misappropriation of public property, Ngono Anne Marlyse is on the run. The sum of 5 million 215 thousand 959 CFA francs is to her credit. It represents the cumulative amount of the salary paid to her by her employer during her years of service at Art.

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