Understanding The Scarcity of Fuel at the Pump

Understanding The Scarcity of Fuel at the Pump

N Melo
by N Melo
July 20, 2022 0

Understanding The Scarcity of Fuel at the Pump

• The shortage of fuel is becoming more and more noticeable in Cameroon

• The populations fear an increase in prices in the coming days

• The lack of foreign currency is the cause of this shortage

On July 11, there was the official launch of unloading of large volumes of petroleum products, in particular 28,000 cubic meters of super, 22,000 cubic meters of diesel and 12,500 cubic meters of Jet A 1. It should be noted that to unload a 10,000 cubic meter ship, the operations take at least 30 hours or two days with tidal constraints. On average , we unload 12 ships per month and therefore 3 ships per week .
A diesel ship of 10,000 cubic meters is about 3 days of consumption. So it takes a little time to deliver the products to all corners of Cameroon.

The unloaded products are gradually released for consumption. The super wagons which were to arrive in the early morning of this day in Yaoundé are still on the way due to the difficulties encountered by the Camrail. Hence the shortage observed in recent days.

Also , there is a logistical problem that arises . Scdp and Camrail have been questioned by the Government on this subject.

According to our informants, the situation will gradually improve by the end of the week. But the basic problems remain, namely the lines of credit and the currencies that are lacking. The Government must imperatively pay the shortfalls for the month of June 2022, which amount to 80 billion CFA francs. For the moment, the State has paid 35 billion, less than half. So the financial pressure remains. And the Beac is struggling to mobilize currencies. This is why the adjustment of prices at the pump in the coming days is inevitable.

N Melo
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