Transport unions are negotiating a reasonable Percentage increase in fuel

Transport unions are negotiating a reasonable Percentage increase in fuel

N Melo
by N Melo
July 22, 2022 0

Transport unions are negotiating a reasonable 30% increase

According to a survey by your news site, most professionals in the sector, aware of the global inflationary context which also makes an increase in the cost of precious liquid at the pump inevitable , are in favor of a judicious adjustment of tariffs. And oppose the IMF and other donors who themselves demand a 100% increase from the government. The eyes of Cameroonians, more than ever, turned towards the public authorities. Tic tac…

In Yaoundé, Douala, Bertoua, Bafoussam, Garoua, Buea…
transport unions have agreed to an increase in the price of fuel at the pump. This is what emerges from a survey, carried out on July 19 and 20 by your newspaper, in the ten regions of the country, through its network of correspondents. First major fact, the carriers met are psychologically prepared for a possible increase in prices at the pump, because they are aware of living in a global village.

“The war in Ukraine has repercussions around the world. We are witnessing widespread inflation. It is quite obvious that Cameroon is in turn affected since it is not on the planet Mars” , indicates Paul Deffo, taxi driver in Douala.

Thus, many transport professionals, except for a handful of extremist trade unionists, understand that an increase in the price of Michel Tafou, Mamaouda Labaran and Nadine Bella fuel is now inevitable due to the economic situation, marked by generalized inflation. basically caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. These two countries, at war since February 24, 2022, are among the largest exporters of petroleum and agricultural products, among others.

No to the excessiveness of the IMF However, and this is the second major fact that emerges from the poll conducted by your newspaper, transport unions, as conscious patriots, are opposed to a 100% increase, demanded by the International Monetary Fund ( IMF), under program with the State of Cameroon.“A simple to double increase in the price of fuel at the pump will create a drop in our activity. Cameroonians have a low purchasing power, and will not be able overnight to pay the taxi at 500 Fcfa instead of 250 Fcfa, which they even barely pay. The IMF’s proposal is irrelevant” , Donald Abate, a taxi driver, gets carried away. “We must be wary of international institutions that want to plunge Cameroon into chaos ,” says Amadou Bello, truck driver. An opinion shared by his colleague Elvis Kum.

However, according to our information, the government does not intend to blindly follow this recommendation of the IMF, because it is contrary to the policy, defined by the Head of State, to fight against the high cost of living. This is also the direction in which the government’s actions fall.
At present, the approved prices are 630 FCFA for the liter of super, 350 FCFA for that of kerosene, 575 FCFA for the liter of diesel. These prices could increase but reasonable, reveals a source at the prime minister’s office. An increase of 30% represents, according to our estimates, 820 FCFA for the liter of super, 455 FCFA and 750 FCFA respectively for the liter of kerosene and that of diesel.

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