This is the fate of the Gang Star Pastor and former Military Captain

This is the fate of the Gang Star Pastor and former Military Captain

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July 19, 2022 0

This is the fate of the Gang Star Pastor and former Military Captain

• The commando leader accused of torturing Sylvain Mvondo is a retired army captain

• The man opened a church and became a pastor

• He is currently chained and handcuffed

Handcuffed, chained and forced to sit in even the ground, the images of the alleged commando leader who attacked Sylvain Mvondo at his home a few weeks ago arrested and still in operation by the Judicial Police in Yaoundé.

Who would have believed it! A pastor (although a former soldier) head of a mercenary commando. Retired captain, Effa Effa Michel Julio is currently being questioned by Cameroonian police sleuths. The latter do not give him a gift, as we can see in the first images of the

Investigators should soon find out the identity of the person who ordered this attack and the real reasons for this act.

The film of the attack

It is a seemingly peaceful night in the Mfandena neighborhood in Yaoundé. While the capital is coated by the heavy coat of the night Jean Sylvain Mvondo is concerned about the preparation of a political meeting in the Rdpc section of Dja and Lobo I of which he is the president since the renewal of the offices of the basic bodies of the ruling party in September 2021. According to police sources, it is 11 p.m. and the two faction guards at his home do not suspect anything when they see four motorcycles arrive which they take for motorcycle taxis.

Politely, they ask them to park below. It was without taking into account the apathy of these professional killers who return hooded and burst into the home of the Director of Public Investment Programming (Dpip) at Minepat With rare violence, the eight (08) visitors hold the two guards whom they tie up before finding the driver of the Dpip to whom they intimate the order to drive them to the master of the place.

Jean Sylvain Mvondo is caught on the phone and will suffer for four hours of time, threats and vile abuse. His wife and children will not be spared. The home is ransacked. Obviously, the visitors have a specific objective in their search. They constantly consult with an online sponsor who passes on instructions and asks to know why Jean Sylvain Mvondo got involved in politics? Before adding: “can he claim to love President Paul Biya more than anyone.

He is ordered to review his political commitment and not be on the wrong side of history. When they leave home around 3 am, leaving Jean Sylvain Mvondo for dead and lying in a pool of blood, they launch this sentence full of innuendo: “may politics save him”. On the morning of June 15, the Dpip was taken to the Caisse hospital in Yaoundé where his vital prognosis was not started.

The savage attack on the Dpip-Minepat by a gang of criminals, real hired killers on a commissioned mission, reveals the explosion of political violence and clashes between clans for control of power after Paul Biya. You don’t have to be an expert in criminal investigation to establish the link between the recent renewal of the offices of the basic organs of the Rdpc and this savage aggression.

Jean Sylvain Mvondo went through all the physical humiliations, in particular, the ordeal of the iron. Proof if any, of the degree of violence and resentment: “If I have to die for my political convictions and my loyalty to President Paul Biya, kill me, but please spare my family”. Has never ceased to proclaim the Dpip to these visitors of another kind.

Billionaire civil servant Jean Sylvain Mvondo was evacuated to France after his assault a month ago. But the investigations to arrest the members of the commando who attacked the director of public investments at the Cameroonian ministry, presented as the richest civil servant in Cameroon continued.

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