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‘The Virgin Mary appeared to me’: Coco Emilia recounts

‘The Virgin Mary appeared to me’: Coco Emilia recounts

N Melo
by N Melo
September 6, 2022 0

‘The Virgin Mary appeared to me’: Coco Emilia recounts

• Coco Emilia recounts a strange experience

• It’s about 2 dreams that followed each other

• She asks the Catholic community for advice It’s

definitely been a troubled year for the influencer Coco Emilia aka Biscuit de Mer.
After the psychological blows that she suffered with her divorce, her illness, the death of her best friend, etc., the young influencer has a dream that worries her because she does not understand the meaning or meaning of it.
After several weeks without being really present on social networks, she returns with strange information. She had a “spiritual” dream and asked for help from her Catholic subscribers for an interpretation.

“I had an incredible dream last night and I would like my brothers and sisters in the Catholic community to help me understand it because it is really intriguing. This is the second time this year that this kind of dream has been revealed to me. The first time, I was on the white horse, dressed in a huge white cape and I presented to the large crowd that surrounded me and followed me with the holy sacrament. “, she said.

His dream did not stop there. Later, as a series, it had a continuity of said dream. “And the second time, I was in a cave and I saw the Virgin Mary appear to me. I directly bowed down to touch her coat and feet while praying, then she turned around, gave me a piece of her coat and an apple. She said, well, I think this is enough for you. She continued distributing to other people, but not to everyone. When I woke up, I felt a strong sense of calm, but I remained very intrigued, ”she concluded.

The information relayed by the pages of Cameroonian kongossa, Internet users felt on the one hand that it should not tell this kind of thing so openly. On the other hand, some felt that she mocks God because she does many things that a Christian should not do but, she always relates her experiences as if she is a saint.

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