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The USA Ambassador to Cameroon plunges Samuel Eto’o into turmoil

The USA Ambassador to Cameroon plunges Samuel Eto’o into turmoil

N Melo
by N Melo
August 29, 2022 1

The USA Ambassador to Cameroon plunges Samuel Eto’o into turmoil

It is an exit that risks spreading oil in Cameroon. Indeed the US Ambassador has just made a media release which casts doubt on the corporate name of the new Equipment Manufacturer of the Indomitable Lions.

Indeed, on CRTV antennas during the Globe Watch program presented by the journalist Charles Ebune, the Ambassador of the Aunis States in Yaoundé, Christopher Lamora to the question of whether ONE ALL SPORTS was a company American said: ‘I have no idea what nationality this company is. It can be registered in several countries”. A diplomatic way of emphasizing that ONE ALL SPORTS is certain registered in several countries except the United States.

“Besides the announcement of the choice of the equipment supplier, the services of the United States Embassy inquired and had discovered that the company was not American”, specifies Boris Bertolt.

The whistleblower has never been kind toSamuel Eto ‘o on this file and takes the opportunity to throw spades at him again.

“A Federation president who lies in public without being afraid that the truth will come out. It is exactly at this game that Samuel Eto ‘o lent himself last Friday before the executive committee of FECAFOOT where he declared that ONE ALL SPORTS was an American company” launched Boris Bertolt.

“A statement by the American Ambassador Lamora confirms all the in-depth investigations carried out so far in the United States which have shown that to date One All Sports has been registered in several countries: in England where it is in liquidation and in two tax havens Hong Kong and Singapore, but NEVER AND NEVER IN THE UNITED STATES WHERE IT HAS NO ADDRESS. What the devil could have stung Samuel Eto ‘o to mingle the name and image of the United States of America in this affair of ONE ALL SPORTS which stinks of money laundering and corruption when we know that since September 11 the United States has been waging a struggle relentless against money laundering? This is how people sometimes dig their own graves. When we talk to them they say: ko ​​I master. I master. Afterwards it will be: it was my lawyer who cheated on me! “, concludes the whistle blower

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