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The Ministers of Defense of the two countries renewed on April 12 a military cooperation agreement which is making people talk.Coopération Cameroun-Russie : vers une nouvelle dynamique

On March 2, it was a thunderclap in New York. Cameroon was one of the 12 countries that did not participate in the vote on the UN resolution. This demanded “that Russia immediately stop using force in Ukraine”. He was not with the 141 countries including the United States and France who voted in favor, nor with the five including Russia who were against, nor even with the 35 led by China who abstained. He was’nt here. The future of the free world was being played out, it was said, but without him. The fact did not fail to astonish many observers, but the affair dissipated in the chaos of the war which was in full swing.


On April 19, a hand slipped (opportunely?) in social networks, an official document announcing the signing of a military cooperation agreement between the Republic of Cameroon and the Russian Federation. The signing ceremony had however taken place on April 12 without it being known to the Cameroonian public. The case had therefore until then passed under the radar of public opinion. All in all, the two events soon became linked by other hands and were interpreted by followers of tortuous scenarios.

Some have argued that Cameroon was demonstrating through this agreement its alliance with Russia and the imminent arrival of the Russian military company Wagner. The vehemence of their sharp comments prompted the press to seize on them to deal with the new phenomenon. Everyone went there from their analysis. “It’s the timing of the signing that seems to be the problem if we are to believe the press,” remarks an observer. “It is not fortuitous and any novelty is a sign of progress”, rejoices Abdoulaye D. militant of the Rdpc, fervent supporter of the said Agreement.


According to a retired soldier who still has reservations about speaking publicly, “you should know that the signing of an agreement, whether commercial, cultural or defence, is the culmination of a long process. It may have lasted several months. But it may coincide with an event that gives rise to various interpretations. In particular the case of the signing of the Defense Agreement between Cameroon and the Russian Federation. I believe that it raises a lot of questions because that Third World countries, including many African states, during the Cold War were called upon to make a choice between the West and the so-called Eastern bloc.

What imposed this bipolar movement is the economy. Many of these countries to avoid the shock wave of the collapse of the economy of the Soviet Union were inclined to support capitalism advocated by the West”, he presents. Before adding: “The signing of this Agreement is part of a change in international security established after the Second World War. The world was then divided into two large blocks. To save appearances, it nevertheless met within the UN. But, this one is directed by the winners with appearances of a democratic organization. But, this is only a facade because in this organization, there is a right of veto for the five countries deemed militarily the strongest.


Now, democracy is the rule of the majority. These five countries do not represent a quarter of the world’s population. The others have almost nothing to say. But, for some time now, the non-aligned countries have been asserting themselves and making choices. They seem independent in their choices, as if liberated from those who co-opted them into the UN. Choices that meet their security requirements.

consent of that person. “, he rejoices. Calculator and strategist, he affirms that for the current crises in Cameroon, the solution is not to be found in the old partnerships that he has garnered over the years.

“Cooperation with the capitalists, especially in terms of military equipment, has many constraints. Authorizations for the transfer of equipment are needed, the destination of the weapons, the guarantee that they will not be used to attack civilian populations. However, Russia is a country that does not take care of the internal politics of its partners and therefore does not have these requirements. It takes care of its own business. “Cameroon in reality has had many security challenges in recent years. years. Our interlocutor enumerates: the neighborhood with the CAR which is a victim of its wealth. This is disputed by several rebel groups which often overflow their territory to find themselves in Cameroon. There is also Boko Haram in the north east of the Nigeria which knows no borders and is also with us,there are also internal crises in the North West and South West regions, there are also recurring problems between the peoples of the Logone plain and many other inter-ethnic or tribal tensions.


The greatest difficulty observed on the ground by comrades and former colleagues is the use by Boko Haram and in Noso of improvised explosive devices. The solution is high-end armored vehicles, advanced military training, route reconnaissance, aerial reconnaissance… And since 2014, Russia has supported Cameroon in terms of equipment in the fight against Boko Haram. We can therefore say that the signing of this agreement is the culmination of a process and that Cameroon, faced with its history, must make choices, that of pleasing others or solving its problems.
I dare to believe and the President of the Republic said it the day after President Hu Jintao (China)’s visit to Cameroon, there is so much to do, everyone will have a role to play. So much, Cameroon’s partnership with China was seen as an affront to France. We also recognize that the USA and France have not severed their relations with Russia. Certainly there is a crisis, it is not a posture to suit one or the other who will break their relations.


Cameroon had three choices: to be non-aligned, that is to say someone who goes with the wind, either to blindly support the West to protect its economy and help them lead the world or to support emerging countries. Russia is at the head of this category which no longer wants to see a new world order imposed on it. On closer inspection, it’s not a defense agreement to support Russia, it’s a sharing of experiences, it’s training, it’s a sharing of points of view…, the terms are well targeted, it should be interpreted as such.

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Opinion is very agitated because Cameroon is perceived as a “department” of France, and that the tense relations between France and Russia today should force Cameroon to reserve. The President of the Republic is at an age and has experience of power which means that he can no longer choose to please a third party except his people. I believe that those who advised him on the military plan are taken by the throat, on the plan of the acquisition of the high performance means to face the current challenges, there are enormous constraints. It is not enough to have money, you have to satisfy it. The security bill has exploded in recent years and is five times more expensive.


But again, this should not be interpreted as the solution to the current security crisis. Because mastering a situation is a prerequisite for the next phase, which may be development, negotiation, social cohesion…” Military cooperation According to our interlocutor, future military cooperation can bring pleasant He thus recalls the contributions of French cooperation which gave birth to elite units of the Cameroonian army such as the Battalion of Airborne Troops, the Special Amphibious Battalion, the Marine Infantry Battalion. his part has trained and supervised units such as the Presidential Guard, the Battalion of

We can thus see the birth of special units with Russian experience and high-performance Russian equipment, we can also see Russian military companies. These companies are not necessarily mercenaries. They are facilitators in the purchase of equipment, in the processing of strategic information, anti-terrorist training, etc., in a military culture that differs from that of Westerners.

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If the latter insist on meticulousness, surgical precision, go to the smallest detail. For the Russians it is rather, to solve a problem by agreeing to make losses regardless of their numbers. In addition, Russians are less sensitive to public opinion than Westerners, for whom the perception of their actions counts a lot in their decision-making.


There is therefore an extension of Russia’s zone of influence through private military companies in African countries. It remains to be seen whether this extension really takes away from others their influence. Africa being recognized as a land of the future with countless untapped natural resources, young population and other assets. New actors are interested in it. Cameroon has chosen this agreement which many consider as an alignment with Russia, but Cameroon is not an ally of Russia like Algeria is. The latter, however, is not in conflict with Ukraine or with the West.


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