The Mariotte hotel group has no plans to build a hotel in Cameroon

The Mariotte hotel group has no plans to build a hotel in Cameroon

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May 30, 2022 0

The Mariotte hotel group has no plans to build a hotel in Cameroon

Edmond Kamguia makes Revelations

It’s a bomb dropped Edmond Kamguia this Sunday on Aquinoxe Tv. Indeed, the editorialist casts serious doubt on the real intentions of the hotelier Mariotte who aims to build a Hotel in Douala.

“This is information released this Sunday by the editorialist EDMOND KAMGUIA, on the set of the program “RIGHT OF RESPONSE” hosted by CEDRIC NOUFELE who was making a comeback. According to the show’s consultant, equinoxe TV is currently investigating this case and according to initial information, the MARIOTTE hotel group which has been contacted claims to have no project in Cameroon. In addition, he adds that Cameroon is not part of the short-list of countries in which he plans to invest.

Remember that families have been cleared out in DIKOLO-BALI, for the establishment of the hotel MARIOTTE whose promoter is Olivier CHI NOUAKO. Edmond KAMGUIA affirms that the investigation is continuing, and that ample information on this affair will be given in the days to come,” reports Focus Média Afrique.

Several Internet users seem to share his doubts. ‘It is good that he is investigating but any Cameroonian with just a minimum of common sense and clairvoyance would know that it is a guy from the ngomna (minister and others) who organizes all this and who wants to build his business to guarantee its survival and its feeder after the old sloth”, plague a Cameroonian. Dikolo-Bali: a faithful of Biya reveals the real principal in the palace of Etoudi

The very faithful supporter of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC), André Luther Meka made an exit in which he clearly congratulated the president of the ruling party, Paul Biya. He salutes his sense of listening and above all his closeness to populations in difficulty.

In an analysis translated into writing on Sunday May 29, 2022, André Luther Meka intervened in relation to the land dispute in Dikolo-Bali. For him, there is absolutely no doubt that it is the Cameroonian Head of State Paul Biya (89 years old) who is behind the resolution of the said conflict which has afflicted households.

He never left his people in tears, in lamentations even when the law gives reason to the State. President Paul Biya has always favored the social and social cohesion. Arab conflicts Choa, Mousgoums, the Head of State reacted within the framework of appeasement.

With the land disputes in the Ntem Valley, the populations have requested the arbitration of the Head of State Paul Biya. He also reacted as part of the appeasement.

The Dikolo case is no exception to the rule. After a community social clamor, Paul Biya as usual, reacted in the direction of consensus and always in the register of cohesion. Without his sense of listening and his desire to advocate social cohesion and peace, his posture as a beggar for peace, nothing can be.

It is to him that comes all the honor and gratitude for the outcome of the conflicts and the satisfaction of the victims. May he be magnified and exalted for his high sense of listening and peace. Paul Biya puts the Cameroonian at the center of social logic. Long live the president.

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