The director of Coq Sportif received at the Presidency of the Republic

The director of Coq Sportif received at the Presidency of the Republic

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September 14, 2022 0

The director of Coq Sportif received at the Presidency of the Republic

Since the termination of the contract of the French equipment manufacturer Coq Sportif by Fecafoot, the French firm has continued to arm wrestle to reason with the federation, which has been firm in its decision. Moreover, the federation immediately announced a new contract with another equipment supplier called One All Sports, an equipment supplier unknown to the football world.

We learn in the many twists and turns in this affair that Le Coq Sportif is committed to its contract and does not intend to easily abandon its collaboration with the Cameroonian football body.

On the day of September 13, 2022, the director of Coq Sportif would have been received at the Presidency of the Republic by Sylvain Mvondo Ayolo, the director of the Civil Cabinet of the Palace of Unity. VS’Boris Bertolt .

“The battle between COQ SPORTIF and FECAFOOT is far from over. Moreover, FIFA has written to Le Coq Sportif to inform it that FECAFOOT intends to change supplier. Coq Sportif replied that they remained Cameroon’s equipment supplier until the verdict of the Nanterre court.

It is in this context that the director of Coq Sportif, Marc-Henri Beausire himself made a 48-hour visit to Cameroon. And returned to France last night.

Arriving in Yaoundé on Sunday evening with a delegation including Yannick Noah, Marc-Henri Beausire first met the Minister of Sports,Narcissus Mouelle Kombi .

Discussions between the two parties focused on the termination of the Coq Sportif contract in favor of ONE ALL SPORTS. Coq Sportif has clearly indicated its intention to accompany the indomitable lions in the world.Narcisse Mouelle Kombi and the managers of Coq Sportif also discussed other topics, including support for Cameroonian athletes and tennis players who already work with Coq Sportif.

Even more Marc-Henri Beausire informedNarcisse Mouelle Kombi that Coq Sportif now intended to source cotton from Cameroon. It is within the framework of this initiative that Yannick Noah will meet Prime Minister Dion Ngute today.

It is at the end of their exchange with the Minister of Sports, Marc-Henri Beausire was received at the palace of unity by the director of the civil cabinet, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo .

For the record, when the heads of Coq Sportif arrive at the Prime Ministry, they meet in the corridors the vice-president of FECAFOOT, Céline Eko. The latter is surprised and widens her eyes. The salirons engage. Yannick Noah, a little distant, said nothing. When Céline Eko hears approaching him to greet him, he launches: “ehh Let’s go”. Céline Eko remained planted for a few seconds on the spot like a tree” affirmsBoris Bertolt , very active in this file.

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