The D.O of Kouoptamo Launches a New War against Ambazonian NO PITY

The D.O of Kouoptamo Launches a New War against Ambazonian NO PITY

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June 28, 2022 0

The D.O of Kouoptamo Launches a New War against Ambazonian NO PITY

It’s a new war launched at No Pity

• The D.O of Kouoptamo has found a formula to repel No Pity and his men

• The stalks of corn and peanuts will have to be cut to avoid any concealment

The D.O of Kouoptamo launches a war on Ambazonian General No Pity. He defined his own method to fight the latter.

Thus, in a press release dated this Monday, June 27, the sub-prefect of Kouoptamo asked the populations to cut all the corn stalks for fear that the Ambazonian general No Pity is hiding in the fields.

“The D.O of the District of Kouoptamo brings to the attention of all the populations of his command unit, that, due to the current security context marked by the threat of secessionist attacks, all the corn fields in the entire urban perimeter of the Municipality of Kouoptamo and its surroundings, must within 10 days from the date of signature of this press release, be cleaned and pruned of their leaves up to one (01) meter in height “, he indicated in his note.

According to the civil administrator, the heights of corn and peanut stalks form a hiding place where the Ambazonian General No Pity and his elements could hide before launching an attack.

This is why a period of 10 days has been granted to each villager so that he can uproot, cut everything that is in his field!

He also indicates that offenders will see their fields, now non-compliant, be completely destroyed.

“He attaches importance to the implementation of this instruction, failing which the agents of the Commune will be authorized at the end of this period, to proceed with the total destruction of non-compliant farms”, specifies the note.

Anglophone crisis: here’s what you don’t know about No Pity

Who is No Pity? This is the question everyone is asking about this English-speaking warlord who has become famous thanks to the security crisis in the English-speaking area for several years.

His real name Mbashie Clement, he is better known by his nom de guerre General No Pity (General Without Mercy, in French). He was born in 1994 in Bambalang, a village in Ndop in the North West region of Cameroon. No Pity is a former Bend skinner turned warlord. Aged only 28, he brings the entire Cameroonian army to its knees. He has several times been announced neutralized or dead. This Wednesday again, he made headlines by killing nine Cameroonian soldiers in a post in Noun. The majority of his attacks are filmed and published by him.

Never has a man done so much damage to our Cameroonian defense and security forces. A special force was even set up especially against him but to date he has been able to slip through the drops.

Clement Mbashie is a former student of CCAST de Bambili, a secondary school in the department of Mezam (North-West). As a teenager, he divides his time between the classroom and the family field, where he is forced to work to pay for his studies. After a failure at GCE O’Level (Bepc) he immigrated to Buea where he sold donuts and yogurts while taking evening classes in Musole.

He decides to give up everything to join the rebellion because his employer is forced to close the barracks due to the dead cities. He will try a bend skinner experience long before. Disappointed, he returned to the Northwest to learn combat and guerrilla techniques and created the Bambalang Marine Force, a Fringe of the Amba rebellion renowned for its cruelty.

On July 31, 2018, the mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema, banned the circulation of motorcycle taxis on the grounds that they are regularly used by separatist fighters. The transport unions mobilized and tried to convince the mayor to reconsider his decision. Among the carriers leaving the town hall that day, Mbashie Clement ruminates on his anger. Frustrated, he left Buea to return to his native North West and opted for armed struggle.

At some point before 2020, he became the head of the Bambalang marine forces. His militia originates from Ngo-Ketunjia, where it primarily operated at first. He has made himself known as one of the most “wanted” Ambazonian military leaders by the Cameroonian armed forces.

In March 2020, it was falsely reported that General No Pity was killed in action near Bamali.

In 2021, General No Pity has extended his reach and multiplied his attacks, with his troops operating in Bambalang, Bui, Boyo and Mezam. In September of the same year, General No Pity and Bambalang marine forces cooperated with the Bamessing Jaguars to ambush a military convoy. The operation resulted in the death of 15 Cameroonian soldiers, the destruction of two armored vehicles and the capture of several weapons by the rebels. General No Pity celebrated this success by filming himself and his fighters next to the burning vehicles.
This ambush drew national attention in Cameroon and led the government to step up its manhunt. In the month following the Bamessing attack, he called on the United Nations to take into account the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon in an audio message.
At the time, he was described as the leader of the “Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards” by the Cameroon Intelligence Report. During this time, the Cameroonian army launched operations to hunt him down, which resulted in clashes that left several members of the Bambalang Marine Forces dead. The armed forces once again claimed to have killed General No Pity, before he resurfaced in Manyu.

A few weeks later, Cameroonian security forces arrested an impostor and bandit who had claimed to be No Pity. Eventually, Cameroonian security forces arrested Antoinette Kongnso, who is believed to be the girlfriend or Pregnant ex-girlfriend of General No Pity. The separatist activist reportedly responded by removing Fon Yekum Kelvin from Bambalang, and demanding that Kongnso and several of his imprisoned supporters be released in exchange for Kelvin. Kongnso was released on bail in December 2021.

Over time, General No Pity made more and more inroads into the Bui, where he forced several minor separatist factions to unify into the “Bui Unity Warriors”. In cooperation with the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), he even managed to convince elements of the Bui Warriors, a rival group, to split off and join the Bui Warriors unit. The new formation is officially led by General Mad Dog, although No Pity continues to act as Commander-in-Chief. Under his leadership, the Bui Unity Warriors attacked the Bui Warriors in April 2022, killing “Field Marshal” Insobu. This operation was approved by the local population, as Insobu had become infamous for abducting and mistreating civilians.

This Wednesday, June 8, 2022, an incursion led by No Pity and his men led to the death of 9 Cameroonian soldiers, the destruction of a gendarmerie post, vehicles and weapons carried away.

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