The bad signal sent by seperatist fighters to General Bouba Dobekreo

The bad signal sent by seperatist fighters to General Bouba Dobekreo

N Melo
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July 28, 2022 0

The bad signal sent by seperatist fighters to General Bouba Dobekreo

The Anglophone crisis has experienced various twists and turns in recent days, especially with the wave of appointments made by Paul Biya within the Army.
This Tuesday, while the issue of the Anglophone crisis was on Emmanuel Macron’s agenda with his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya, the Ambazonians launched a big challenge.

After the announced death of Field Marshall, the Ambazonians took revenge.

This Tuesday, a powerful BIR commander was killed by Ambazonians.

The dramatic scene occurred in Kumba. According to concordant sources, it would be Commander ESSAMA, son of Colonel EYENGA.

He was shot down a few moments ago by the Ambazonians in Kumba during the fighting.

They shot Commander Essama of the BIR. He was shot dead this Tuesday in Kumba by the Ambazonians. Kumba is the same town where a few days ago CRTV was doing a whole report on the rotting corpse of Field Marshall.

A few hours after the announcement of Commander Essama’s death,’s editorial staff learned that another retired soldier was shot dead by Ambazonians in Bamenda.

This is Kamchu, a former RASS who was eliminated by the Ambazonians while he was in a home in Bamenda. His death brings to 1392 the number of soldiers killed since the beginning of the war in the NOSO.

Acts that irritate both Paul Biya and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

For the return to peace, Moussa Dobekreo, an experienced general, appeals to the secessionists. “They have in front of them a warrior and I will bring an answer for peace. The message I am sending is to lay down our arms, to build the country, so that we can achieve peace, so that we can achieve the reconstruction of this country”, he declared on the sidelines of his facility.

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