The bad profile of Atanga Nji to the Americans

The bad profile of Atanga Nji to the Americans

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July 5, 2022 0

The bad profile of Atanga Nji to the Americans

Paul Atanga Nji has a bad reputation among Americans

• The USA calls him a thug

• Atanga Nji drags several pans

The United States of America does not have a good image of the current Minister of Territorial Administration of Cameroon. A controversial figure, Paul Atanga Nji has been at the heart of several scandals in Cameroon.

During this period of Covid-19, he distinguished himself by his questionable decisions which ranged from the freezing of MRC funds to the ban on the distribution of masks and disinfectants to the populations. The man is well known to the American services.

As soon as he entered the Biya government in 2007, he was treated by the USA as a thug. In the diplomatic cable of obtained a copy, the USA has no respect for the man. He has the reputation of the ‘bad apple’ in the new Biya government.

Reputed as an CPDM party thug in the North West and tarnished by his involvement in a banking scandal, Paul Atanga Nji is the most apparent ‘bad apple’ of the new team, likely with a ministerial portfolio in the presidency. to reward his CPDM activism in the North-West Province” specifies the diplomatic note leaked by WikiLeaks.

The man’s biography

Born in 1960 in Bamenda, Paul Atanga Nji is a Cameroonian minister and politician. He currently holds the position of Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT) since the ministerial reshuffle of March 2, 2018. He is also permanent secretary of the National Security Council 1 of Cameroon. He could have taken up a career as a banker or, like the majority of his brothers and sisters residing in the United States, as a doctor or pharmacist. After years in missionary college, then in high school in Bamenda, he crossed the border to Nigeria to pursue studies in finance.

In 1980, he was chosen, as part of a program to discover young talents, to meet Senegalese President Léopold Sédar Senghor in Dakar. This one will resign the same year, leaving his chair to Abdou Diouf, but Atanga Nji has not forgotten the privilege, of which he is still proud. In 1987, when he became president of the Young Economic Operators of Cameroon and launched his own banking establishment (Global Finance, which became Afriland Highbank Corporation), he met for the first time Paul Biya, president for five years and passing through Douala. The current flows. The Head of State introduced him to the Ministry of Education, then to those of Agriculture and Health. He also introduces him to Justin Ndioro, the Minister of Finance, to whom Atanga Nji shares his ideas.

It was then that he headed a think tank responsible for reforming the banking sector, in which former minister Étienne Ntsama was vice-president. Gradually, Atanga Nji gained in importance, with the government but also with the media, in which he wrote numerous open forums. He is approaching Adolphe Moudiki, already boss of the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH), and especially Jean Fochivé. The head of Cameroonian intelligence teaches him the tricks of the trade, which he himself inherited from the Frenchman Jacques Foccart.

Paul Atanga Nji is the son of Marceline and Joseph Atanga, one of the largest fortunes in the North-West and today a centenarian, he has always rubbed shoulders with the great families of the region such as the Muna (his father was close to the former Prime Minister Solomon Tandeng Muna) and the Fonchas. It was in the hotel of his father, the Bamenda Highland, that the reunification of the country was negotiated in 1961 and it was the vehicles of his family, whose fortune he now manages, which then allowed the trip delegations.

On September 7, 2007, he was appointed minister in charge of missions to the presidency of the republic. In September 2010, he was promoted to permanent secretary of the National Security Council (CNS). This cumulatively with his function as minister. On March 2, 2018, he was appointed Minister of Territorial Administration. He is also a member of the central committee of the CPDM and head of the departmental delegation of the central committee for the Mezam in the North-West region.

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