Technology: Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro and Ultra Watch

Technology: Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro and Ultra Watch

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September 13, 2022 0

Technology: Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro and Ultra Watch

By Shiona McCallum Technology

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14, featuring emergency satellite connectivity and car crash detection technology, at a launch event in the United States.

The company unveiled four versions of the new handset at its Cupertino headquarters, in front of a large audience for the first time since the pandemic.

She also introduced a new extreme sports gadget, the Watch Ultra.

The event focused on the next generation of iPhone, Watch and AirPod products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater on the tech giant’s California campus, but the presentation itself was fully pre-recorded.

Apple Watch Series 8 model
The Apple Watch Series 8 introduces a number of new features, including car crash detection, temperature sensors for tracking ovulation cycles, and a new low power mode option.

People have been wary of period trackers since changes were made to abortion laws in the United States, and there are concerns that period data could be used by law enforcement. Apple says data on its devices will be encrypted and only accessible via passcode or biometric data.

“We’re taking our commitment to women’s health even further,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

Apple said a new automatic retrospective ovulation notification could help those trying to conceive.

If activated, the new watch can monitor body temperature every five seconds overnight, and detect minute changes that may signal ovulation.

Another new feature is car accident detection. Thanks to sensors, the watch will be able to identify a serious accident and will automatically connect its wearer with the emergency services, provide its exact position and notify emergency contacts.

The Series 8 also has a Low Power Mode, a feature borrowed from the iPhone, which promises up to 36 hours of battery life.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399 (261,726 FCFA) in the US and £419 (315,854 FCFA) in the UK.

Apple Watch Ultra
Swim-proof, dust-proof, and crack-proof, Apple just announced its rivalry with Garmin, Polar, and other rugged watch makers.

Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek of Born to Run took part in the presentation of the new watch, which emphasized a larger surface design for use in extreme sports.

All Ultra watches have a 36-hour battery life on a single charge and an extended battery life of 60 hours, with Apple promising enough power for its customers to complete an ultra-triathlon that includes swimming, cycling and running.

The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is 799 dollars (523,952 FCFA) in the United States and 849 pounds (639,955 FCFA) in the United Kingdom.

iPhone 14
The company markets the iPhone 14 in two sizes, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

The new handsets are able to send an emergency call for help via satellite. The phone will display the position of the satellites passing overhead and show how to properly direct the device to them.

Sending a basic message can take anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes.

“The investment required to add satellite capacity should not be underestimated,” said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight.

“It will likely have taken years for Apple to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, including a commercial agreement with satellite provider Globalstar, and creating the infrastructure to deliver messages to emergency services.”

Tech analyst Paolo Pescatore said he thinks the innovation is good news for consumers “in hard-to-reach areas.”

“It is encouraging to see that providers are starting to take a serious look at the use of satellite – ultimately, reliable and robust connectivity is still highly sought after by all users,” he said.

iPhone 14 camera
The tech giant has announced a new 12-megapixel camera, capable of snapping photos of fast-moving subjects, and the company claims a 49% improvement in low-light capture.

The front camera also includes autofocus for the first time, to improve the sharpness of selfies.

According to Apple, iPhone users have taken more than three trillion photos in the past 12 months.

The iPhone 14 is priced at $799 (US), 849 pounds (UK).

The iPhone 14 Pro
The biggest change in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is the top of the screen which is now a pill-shaped cutout.

A feature called the Dynamic Island has replaced the black notch, which many iPhone users complain about – and it can change shape depending on what notifications are present.

The other big change is that the handset can always stay on.

When the phone is not in use, the screen dims and the refresh rate is reduced.

The device is available in a deep purple, as well as black, silver, and gold.

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro is $999 (655,648 FCFA in the US) and £1,099 (828,684 FCFA in the UK).

AirPods Pro are easier to find than their predecessors. Each pair features a new system for locating lost earphones individually, which emit a chime when dropped from the case.

Additionally, the case itself has its own speaker, which plays louder when the Find My app requests it.

The price of the new AirPods Pro is $249 (163,386 in the US), £249 (187,734 FCFA in the UK).

Analysis by James Clayton, North America technology reporter
Being present in person, among an enthusiastic crowd of Apple fans, certainly made the launch more interesting than in recent years. But nothing announced today is going to revolutionize the tech industry.

Many of Apple’s new technologies seem ideal if you regularly find yourself in trouble. The new iPhone 14 will be able to send SMS via satellite when off the network.

The Ultra Watch’s design is chunky and has a very long battery life, which the company says is ideal for multi-day remote travel.

Apple also announced a new crash detection system on new watches and phones, which will alert emergency services when it detects an impact.

The strategy here is pretty clear. Apple continues to market its hardware as a health and safety aid. It’s no surprise that Tim Cook calls these products “essentials”.

But really, these are nice, but rather niche updates – features that users hope they never have to use.

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