Teaching: a PTA scam system discovered, Pauline Nalova called to take action

Teaching: a PTA scam system discovered, Pauline Nalova called to take action

N Melo
by N Melo
September 19, 2022 0

Teaching: a PTA scam system discovered, Pauline Nalova called to take action

There is a problem at the level of secondary education
• It is brought to the public square with denunciations

• The minister is strongly challenged

In Cameroon, it is Pauline Nalova Lyonga who is the Minister of Secondary Education. She is a Cameroonian political figure from the department of Fako in the South West region of Cameroon.

For a while now, parents of students have been facing an incomprehensible and constraining situation. Every year they are forced to pay fees that they know nothing about. Tchebal Dafrik the Pan-Africanist is not happy about it.

The teacher and humorist sent a message to Pauline Nalova Lyonga on social networks. He didn’t go with the back of the spoon. Have pity on the poor parents! PTA in secondary schools in Cameroon. Mrs Minister of Secondary Education is a big business. You said that the PTA must be a maximum of 25,000 CFA francs. What is the PTA: the Association of Parents of Students. You force each student to pay. We must change the name, you put the Association of Students since each child contributes. So what are the 7,500 and 10,000 CFA francs used for in high schools?

I take an example in a small high school in Yaoundé that I know well where the number of students is 5,000 if we make 5,000 x 25,000 CFA francs we will have: 125,000,000 FCFA. I assure you that this high school has no closure until today.

Madam Minister of Secondary Education of Cameroon, we must review this story clearly because people are ready to do anything to be headmaster in Cameroon. Currently it is serious with the post of president of the parents’ association. They are the cousins, the husbands, the lovers, the girlfriends… of the principals.

Parents suffer while others enjoy their PTA money. I know people don’t like this kind of post that’s why we will never get the subscribers. My goal is to get everyone to understand a certain number of things.

Tomorrow I come back with the books that we said that now it’s after 05 years that we will change the program but each school year we throw the books in the trash to go to the bookstore.

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