Shortage of fuel: Biya finally has the real culprit; heads will roll

Shortage of fuel: Biya finally has the real culprit; heads will roll

N Melo
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July 21, 2022 0

Shortage of fuel: Biya finally has the real culprit; heads will roll

• Heads will finally roll

• We know a little more about the fuel shortage in Cameroon

• We announce a misappropriation of billions of FCFA

We know a little more about the causes of the fuel shortage in Cameroon. If we talk about the increase in oil barrels from suppliers, we finally realize that the problem is elsewhere.

The situation is becoming more and more embarrassing in the country of Paul Biya. From the latest information, the editorial staff of camerounweb learns that the funds have been misappropriated.

“It’s an embarrassing situation at the top of the state. Civil servants embezzled fuel subsidies,” wrote Boris Bertolt.

“The money intended for marketers is transferred to fake accounts opened in microfinance. They open accounts with names similar to those of marketers and see money in them in terms of billions,” reveals the political scientist journalist.

“In the end, the real markers were not paid. This had the effect of slowing down the supply on the market,” concluded the journalist.

The information has leaked and measures are announced at the highest level of the state. Paul Biya should react to this information in order to come to the aid of the thousands of Cameroonians deprived of the precious liquid a few weeks ago.

Fuel shortage: the France 24 report which risks angering Biya a few days before Macron’s arrival

It gets more complicated when it comes to the issue of fuel shortages in Cameroon. Large companies that run on petroleum products are mostly on technical leave.

In the process, the French channel France 24 released a report on the situation. This report comes just as French President Emmanuel Macron is announced in Cameroon.

Even if no official information was leaked, the announcement made the media headlines both nationally and internationally.

A resolution must quickly intervene to save the populations. A big strike is already announced in the country.

This is a strike announced by the National Union of Professional Drivers of Cameroon.

An emergency letter, the subject of which is “denunciation of a persistent shortage of fuel”, was sent to the Minister of Commerce this Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

These actors of the transmission line in Cameroon indicate that the Yaoundé regime has tricked them in the flour.

“You told us during the consultation of March 23, 2022 at the Ministries of Transport that transport professionals had nothing to worry about with regard to the national supply of petroleum products in relation to ambient international disturbances” , we read in the note.

“Two months later, our comrades are suffocated by an inexplicable shortage of fuel at the pump. Because of this shortage, they are unable to work to feed their families as well,” continues the union.

Paul Biya will have to take the situation in hand in order to avoid further humiliation before Macron’s arrival in Cameroon.

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