Several MRC activists arrested and detained at a police station in Yaounde

 Several MRC activists arrested and detained at a police station in Yaounde

N Melo
by N Melo
September 16, 2022 0

 Several MRC activists arrested and detained at a police station in Yaounde

According to information reaching us, several people were arrested today on the sidelines of the trial of MRC prisoners.

“Characters who came to support the Political Hostages of the BIYA-RDPC regime on September 15, 2022 were abusively and cowardly arrested by security services after the departure of political detainees and their lawyers. Some of these illegally arrested citizens were taken to the central police station No. 1 where sits the very sinister and careerist divisional commissioner Thierry MEDOU who had, in the company of the divisional commissioner NGAH Didier, particularly distinguished himself during the facies arrests made on the disastrous night of September 21, 2020 in front of the residence of President-Elect MAURICE KAMTO. In the hands of this disastrous character, the physical and moral integrity of the people thus abusively arrested is in danger, ”launches a source.

Note that the authorities have not confirmed that they have made any arrests. Trial of MRC activists: Intimidation in front of the courthouse this morning Justice is an essential public service for living well together, because it is the ultimate recourse, the culmination point of all other public services when these could not accomplish their mission, resolve conflicts or protect citizens. Publicity is a fundamental principle of the functioning of justice, enshrined in the laws that govern the procedure. Since justice is rendered in the name of the People, citizens must be able to control its daily exercise, in particular by physically attending trials.

This publicity makes it possible to preserve confidence in the judicial institution by giving it transparency. Justice is then rendered under the control of public opinion.

Posting police trucks in front of the courthouse to deter or intimidate the public is an unacceptable violation of citizens’ rights.

The Judicial Space is a Sanctuary of Law and Freedom that even the most Obscure Dictatorships must respect.

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