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CHO Walter stresses that 83 million CFA francs were paid in ransom
CHO Walter says 83 million CFA francs in ransom was paid

– The senator was released on Monday

– The army claimed to have conducted an operation

– CHO Walter says 83 million CFA francs in ransom was paid

A week ago today, the Cameroonian army announced the release of the Senator kidnapped a month ago by separatists in the North West region. Elizabeth Regina Mundi was kidnapped in Bamenda on April 30. The release of the Senator took place after a military operation in Ashong, in the department of Momo. Her captors were demanding a prisoner exchange and threatened to execute her. Except that since this operation, the versions have diverged. Many have expressed reservations about the operation that led to the release of the Senator. According to revelations by CHO Walter, one of the experts on the separatist factions, ransom was paid.

The operation that led to the release of Senator Elizabeth Regina Mundi was launched on Sunday morning. The aim was to get closer to the place where the senator was being held, according to the Cameroonian army. The Ministry of Defense communiqué speaks of a “refuge” of “heavily armed terrorists” who “opened heavy fire” on Monday evening “to stop the progress” of the Cameroonian soldiers.The communiqué also indicates that the kidnappers of the senator would have then tried to escape with several hostages. The Cameroonian ministry said that at the end of the operation, in addition to the senator, other people were freed, without indicating their number and identity. It also mentions the capture of three fighters described as terrorists, the death of a dozen others and the seizure of war material, recalls Rfi.

This version is disputed by one of the military leaders of the Ambozian Defense Forces group, which had claimed responsibility for the abduction of Elizabeth Regina Mundi. Capo Daniel claims that it was out of “compassion and mercy” that the senator was “left on the road” during a “strategic withdrawal” so that Cameroonian soldiers could find her. As well as the equipment “voluntarily abandoned” by the separatists, who continue to claim independence from the former British Cameroon and threaten reprisals against residents who collaborate with Cameroonian forces.

According to academic CHO Walter on Canal Presse, Canal 2 International: “There was a ransom payment. The family of Regina Mundi paid 48 million CFA francs and the Cameroonian army 35 million CFA francs. The Ambazonian’s defense forces received a total of 83 million CFA francs…everything else was a Nollywood movie. Because the movie starts at the airport,” he said.

State lie: here are the 4 elements that contradict the version of Etoudi on the Mundi case

At the sight of these images, I really have many doubts about the case of this CPDM senator who was kidnapped and sequestered by the separatists or secessionists:

1- firstly, since the beginning of this asymmetrical war 6 years ago, the government has drawn up a “list” of different similar cases widely published and attributed to these same secessionists and, unless I am mistaken, generally no one comes out alive

2- Secondly, we are informed “always” according to the official version that she was recovered from the hands of these separatists but strangely “we are not told by how” and especially I am surprised that we do not speak of deaths unless there was a negotiation between the power and these separatists, which would show a certain weakness of a power that wants to be all-powerful and especially that will contradict the official position of the same government that has always said “do not negotiate with the bandits” …. but in short even until then total silence …

3- thirdly, the senator had a big can of cooking oil and a bag of rice almost finished, probably to eat her fill (photos 2 & 3) …who gave it to her because it is my first time to see people sequestered in NOSO being so well fed.

4- finally we can see that our senator during her captivity has gained weight heinnnn and is rather in good shape and looks very good so I wonder how a sequestered person can look so good

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