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Of all the institutions of the Republic, 50 years after the advent of the unitary state, the Grande Muette is the only one that reinforces the feeling, the link or the belonging to the Cameroonian nation. The concept of the Army-Nation is thus written in letters of nobility.

The custom will give the platform to the Army through the national territory to highlight. The parade will demonstrate power, discipline and above all the readiness of our force to respond in time to all threats to the territory, the people, institutions and interests of Cameroon. We do not forget here the second and first category forces.

The Defence and Security Forces of Cameroon, whose supreme leader, Paul Biya, has delegated his management power to Joseph Beti Assomo, play the card of national unity to perfection. In the first place, it is the institution where admission is done on a fair basis and known to all, a guarantee of transparency that reinforces the sympathy and support of all.

As soon as the recruitments are launched, for example, one observes massively the young people training physically with sandbags on their backs, or in endless endurance races. This willingness, this motivation of young people to join the Army is precisely due to the assurance, to the possibility of being admitted above all on the basis of the physical and intellectual capacities of each candidate.

Thus, all the sons and daughters of Cameroon, from the north to the south, from the east to the west, freely integrate the ranks without hindrance in consideration of their ethnic, religious or linguistic belonging. And that’s not all, because in the ranks of the Army, in all the corps that are the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the Fire Brigade headed by the very discreet Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Rene Claude Meka and also the National Gendarmerie placed under the authority of the Secretary of State for Defense, Galax Yves Landry Etoga, the gender aspect is also at the heart of recruitment.

Protecting the national territory

It is always a thrilling national moment to see women, once considered the weaker sex, deploy with energy and discipline before the authorities of the Republic throughout the Nation. Apart from all this, the Cameroon Army is apolitical. There is no politics in the ranks of the Army. Its chapel is the flag and the Republic. It does not have a preference for one political formation or another, and is not interested in political affiliation when recruiting.

It is neutral in this respect. The citizens should recognize that the role of our Army is to protect the national territory, the people and the goods, the authorities that embody the institutions, in short it is the guarantor of peace. Still within the framework of the neutrality that characterizes the Army, it highlights the two official languages that are English and French.

The Cameroonian Army is really the last fuse of our national unity because it alone today materializes its presence on all parts of our territory, in the most hostile and dangerous areas, at sea as well as on the mountains, it embodies the State of Cameroon, it protects the national borders, it treats and heals Cameroonians, it teaches and educates young people in the field of war, it embodies Cameroon and its strength in a word.

A model of respect for legality

One point that undermines Cameroonian society is the difficulty of submitting to the law, to the rule. If Cameroon has very good texts that structure our will to live together equitably, in a society where happiness is shared, it is different when it comes to the application of this law. However, the Army, through its discipline, the obligation to respect the rules and the orders, to respect the hierarchy, gives an example of conduct to the citizens who should make efforts to respect without too much trouble what is recommended.

The military environment is the place par excellence to train young people to a certain number of principles in order to better serve the Republic and thus be good citizens. It is not an empty word if we say that the Cameroonian Army is republican. The values of respect, self-sacrifice and diligence, the iron will to overcome one’s own limitations, are obvious. It is not without reason that, for example, elite schools such as the Enam send their students to military training.

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