SDF crisis: dismissed and humiliated, Jean Robert Wafo spits the truth to John Fru Ndi

SDF crisis: dismissed and humiliated, Jean Robert Wafo spits the truth to John Fru Ndi

N Melo
by N Melo
June 22, 2022 0

SDF crisis: dismissed and humiliated, Jean Robert Wafo spits the truth to John Fru Ndi

Jean Robert Wafo responds to John Fru Ndi

For several days, the atmosphere has been gloomy at the level of the Social Democratic Front (SDF). Indeed, this historic party is paying for the luxury of a new crisis. A simmering crisis in this opposition party with certain decisions by leader John Fru Ndi who wants to fight a last fight. Except that he made victims with upheavals at the head of the party structures. One of the victims remains Jean Robert Wafo, who despite accepting the president’s decisions points out the risks involved. Statement by Jean Robert Wafo, Minister in charge of Information and Media of the shadow cabinet of the sdf following the changes within the shadow cabinet

“I discovered, early yesterday afternoon, a series of three texts signed by the national president of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi, revamping the National Executive Committee (NEC), the second most important body party decision maker.

The Department in charge of information and the media saw the promotion to its head of comrade Nguidjol Ngan Moïse. I wish my successor every success in consolidating the reputational edifice that we have in the past methodically, with patience and passion, built to allow the word of Change and of the People to be heard, addressed, considered.
If no one denies the national president of the SDF the statutory power to make changes within the shadow cabinet, it seems important to me to note that today’s movements put the party at risk of a brutal but irremediable break with the ideals of its founding fathers: social democracy, federalism as a form of the state, power truly vested in the people.

The programmatic vitality of the party, marked by a multitude of ideas and positions, seems to be paralyzed by a single tendency, one which, through its associations, could annihilate the singularity of the SDF and make it a political force of some kind, without impact on the democratic game and on the positive transformation of the lives of the Cameroonian masses.
Now freed from this public charge and its corollary the duty of reserve, I find a more incisive freedom of tone, always constructive for an original homeless, social democrat and a truly democratic Cameroon.

Douala, June 17, 2022
Jean Robert Wafo”

N Melo
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