Scandal: the WHO does not recognize having congratulated Paul Biya

Scandal: the WHO does not recognize having congratulated Paul Biya

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December 16, 2020 0

Scandal: the WHO does not recognize having congratulated Paul Biya

Since December 14, 2020, media allegedly quoting Hans Henry Kluge, director of the World Health Organization for Europe, have announced the official’s congratulations to President Paul Biya for his management of the health crisis. Viral information quickly that does not recognize the communication manager of the organization in Cameroon. To better fix you, your media outlet has checked.

“Covid-19: the Cameroonian trophy”. It is this title with in illustration a photo of the head of state Paul Biya who dressed the front page of the newspaper Mutations of this Tuesday, December 14, 2020. It was then reported in the pages of the comments attributed to Hans Henry Kluge, regional director of WHO for Europe, concerning the management of the pandemic by certain African countries and more particularly Cameroon. “At the time when the Westerners sent back the infected people to self-confine themselves in their apartments etc … In Africa in general and in Cameroon in particular, the State had opted to detect and isolate the patients, even asymptotic, in centers specialized and did not wait for self-healing as in Europe, but had opted for several types of treatment. It is incorrect to believe that the low rate of contamination or death from Covid 19 in this country is a miracle. The public and medical authorities have opted for a better protocol than in the West, let’s face it. Just copy in all humility ”are the words attributed to Hans Henry Kluge, read Mediatude in Mutations and many newspapers. Remarks whose veracity is not recognized by the communication manager of the organization for Cameroon.

Absence of sources

Like Mutations, many media have also reported the information without sourcing it, that is to say without indicating, or the date and places where these statements were made. These include The Guardian Post, 237 Actu, Écho Santé etc. Some subsequently withdrew the online publication, Mediatude noted.

Contacted by your media, the WHO communications manager in Cameroon insisted on denying this information: “The journalists did not cross-reference the right source. Basic ethics. The fundamentals, just the basics. We are not aware of these statements ”. Before addressing his congratulations to Cameroon Tribune: “mention to Jean Francis Belibi of Cameroon Tribune who called to cross, and block pending confirmation”.

WHO Cameroon will eventually communicate

WHO Cameroon that we had on December 15, however, affirms that it seeks to verify at its level. No doubt that in the next few days, she should give the media and the public more information on this subject.

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