Samuel Eto’o received by the FIFA President, the fate of Conceição and Coq sportif sealed (video)

Samuel Eto’o received by the FIFA President, the fate of Conceição and Coq sportif sealed (video)

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August 10, 2022 0

Samuel Eto’o received by the FIFA President, the fate of Conceição and Coq sportif sealed (video)

Samuel Eto’o Fils has been staying in Arusha, Tanzania since Tuesday to attend the General Assembly of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). On Tanzanian soil, the agenda of the Pichichi is very busy. The former Lions captain has been swapped with his Malawian counterpart. “I had the honor of sharing notes with Samuel Eto, the Cameroon FA President, ahead of the CAF General Assembly in Tanzania, Arusha tomorrow. What a genius he was in his time. His smile and attitude are always contagious,” wrote Walter Nyamilandu.

On the sidelines of this important meeting for CAF, Samuel Eto’o had a few minutes of exchanges with FIFA boss Infantino. The president of the Cameroon Football Federation shared a video montage of their reunion on Facebook. The editing is accompanied by the song of the Ivorian Keronzen. “Friends, I come from afar, the oil in the village has become Kerozen”

For some, this meeting with the FIFA No. 1 is a favorable sign for the current strong man in the Toni Conceição and Coq Soprtif files, even if nothing has filtered exchanges.

This Wednesday, August 10, CAF organized its 44th General Assembly in Tanzania. Here are excerpts from the CAF President’s speech during the opening session:

CAN Cameroon 2021, the most successful in the history of CAF

-In January and February of this year, we organized the Coupe d’ Most successful Africa Nations in CAF history.

-Around 500 million people from 160 nations watched the CAN Total Energies Cameroon 2021 matches on TV.

-This is about 40 more nations than those who watched Total Energies Egypt AFCON 2019. CAF recorded 1.4 billion streaming impressions on its digital pages and 351.4 million related online video views at the CAN Total Energies Cameroon 2021.

Prize money increase

– We have increased the total amount of prize money for the Champions League from 12.5 million USD to 17.6 million USD, and for the Confederation Cup from 6.375 million USD to 9.9 million USD.

-We have also increased the total amount of prize money for CAN Cameroon 2021 from 24.8 million USD to 26.650 million USD.

-The total prize pool for the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2022 has increased from USD 975,000 to USD 2.4 million, an increase of 150%.

-The CAF Women’s Champions League had no cash prize. A prize money worth 1.550 million USD has been introduced.

African Super League

The CAF Executive Committee has taken the decision to launch the CAF African Super League in August 2022. The official kick-off of this league will be given in August 2023. We announced on July 3, 2022 that the total prize money of the CAF African Super League will be 100 million USD, with the winner receiving 11.5 million USD.

1 million USD per year for each national association

We intend to pay each member association 1 million USD per year which will be drawn from the funds of the CAF African Super League. We also intend to allocate USD 50 million to CAF from these same funds for the development of youth and women’s football and all its other competitions, to ensure that they are globally competitive. .

CAF African School Football Championship

I am very pleased with the progress made in the CAF African School Football Championship and we intend to use the USD 10 million donation from the Motsepe Foundation as prize money for develop school football and educational infrastructure. We have received requests from sponsors and potential partners who wish to participate and contribute to the development of football for boys and girls at school level.

Better publicized African football

CAF is committed to increasing its investment in television and content in order to improve and enhance the quality of viewing CAF matches on television and streaming platforms. We are also committed to ensuring that African football is accessible and can be watched by football fans in all our member association countries and around the world.

FIFA/CAF partnership

The partnership between CAF and FIFA (the “FIFA-CAF Project: Refereeing Star”) on the training and improvement of African referees is making great strides and will contribute substantially to the quality, respect and to the credibility of African referees on the continent and around the world. We are grateful to FIFA and in particular to President Gianni Infantino for his commitment and support to African football. CAF has also made good progress in introducing VAR and our goal is to ensure that there is VAR in every match of CAF competitions

Improving African Refereeing

All of CAF’s permanent committees held constructive sessions, with the exception of the Referees Committee, about which important discussions are underway within the CAF Executive Committee to strengthen and consolidate independence, the integrity, respect and credibility of African referees and match commissioners.

For a better football infrastructure

One of my main objectives is to ensure that each Member Association has a stadium that meets CAF and FIFA standards and that football matches are played in the country of each Member Association. It is totally unacceptable that some member associations and their clubs cannot play CAF and FIFA competitions in their country because their stadiums do not meet the standards required by CAF and FIFA.

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