Samuel Eto’o humiliated Yannick Noah and refused to meet him

Samuel Eto’o humiliated Yannick Noah and refused to meet him

N Melo
by N Melo
September 19, 2022 0

Samuel Eto’o humiliated Yannick Noah and refused to meet him

• Yannick Noah called Eto’o

• He never picked up

• He never called back

We mentioned it a few days ago. Yannick Noah, the Franco-Cameroonian humiliated Célestine Eko, the vice president of Fecafoot. This act would undoubtedly be the result of the humiliation inflicted by Samuel Eto’o on tennis player Yannick Noah.

The editorial staff of camerounweb learned that Yannick Noah requested 3 times in a row to meet the current President of Fecafoot, who is none other than his little brother Samuel Eto’o. It would seem that the latter 3 times declined the meeting for unclear reasons.

“Yannick Noah called his Little Brother on his phone several times, the latter never picked up and never called back. The purpose of these steps was to find an amicable settlement (in the Coq Sportif affair, editor’s note), but the Councilors (who are far from being the payers) advised the Ngambe to clash. Noah therefore not being the owner of LE COQ SPORTIF, the real owners took the case to the Court of Nanterre in France, where Le Coq Sportif is seeking compensation,” Shance Lion wrote on his Facebook page.

Regarding the repairs to be expected, it must be indicated that either they go to the Mondial and Fecafoot pays damages, or they do not go and Fecafoot pays more damages.

The lawyers of Fecafoot had mentioned in legal proceedings that Le Coq Sportif did not respect the payment deadline of one month (that of April), but that they ended up paying, they presented the invoice.

“Contrary to what is said, in 2019 the market value of the Indomitable Lions with equipment manufacturers did not exceed 300 million CFA francs. Le Coq Sportif had lined up at 1 million euros (656 million per year in addition to equipment).
People speak without knowing, but the manufacturers of jerseys do not start their machines to manufacture 26 jerseys, but there is a minimum of equipment to be manufactured by model of clothing, whether it is T-shirts, Polo , Tracksuit, Jerseys, Shorts. Even in Cameroon the CICAM is not going to give you 100 loincloths because you want 100 loincloths with the image of your deceased relative, they will tell you that we make from… All this requires logistics to be put in place, including the return on investment depends on the coast of a national team on the market”, explains Shance Lion.

“In 2019, Le Coq Sportif took the risk of betting on the Indomitable Lions who were 53rd in the World and 8th in Africa in the Fifa Ranking at that time, they decided to support the Indomitable Lions with 656 million per year, equipment , in addition to a % per jersey sold and when it pays the Jackpot and the counter is still in progress, you come to pull the rug out from under their feet? You know any businessman who can accept that? When a cause is just and noble, I support it, but My ALOGA there, with his FAUX-MEKONG, YOUBI, NOUTACK, TAGNE and OBAMA entourage, you have to leave, it’s the TOTAL NDEM, it’s only because the people don’t talk yet.

That is to say that a NIAMBRÉ like Armand Noutack can come and sit down to talk about KONGOSSA, but someone someone like Yannick NOAH who comes to campaign for an amicable settlement in a Mega lawsuit that can cause even more… billions to be lost in Cameroon, 3 times you decline? Let’s get serious,” Shance Lion concluded.

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