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Samuel Eto’o Fils is worst than the CPDM PARTY

Samuel Eto’o Fils is worst than the CPDM PARTY

N Melo
by N Melo
September 5, 2022 0

Samuel Eto’o Fils is worst than the CPDM PARTY

The decision taken at the General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation to extend the term of office of President Samuel Eto’o is not going well in public opinion. Even in the CPDM, a party supported by Samuel Eto’o during the 2018 presidential election, the news is not greeted with clamor. Natacha Fadimatou Bengono, a communicator from Paul Biya’s party, invited to the program Club d’Elites on 4-9-2022, violently criticized the members of the General Assembly of Fecafoot who lacked the courage to tell the truth to Samuel Eto o.

“I think that for my part, there is a phenomenon that some Cameroonians put their brains on pause mode, perhaps for fear of violent reprisals in social networks or fears of becoming enemies or not “friend-friends”. with Mr. Samuel Eto’o. But we clearly believe that this way of doing things does not serve the youth who, fortunately, are very enthusiastic about the takeover by Mr. Samuel Eto’o as a young person, as a former footballer. We know how much brilliance he brought to African football. People are obsessed with what makes people tend to look up to him as a role model. And when you are taken as a model, you have to surround yourself with a little security, or else methods, manners in the way of doing things, ”she said.

Jean Bruno Tagne leaves the boat

After successfully fulfilling his mission as Campaign Director for Samuel Eto’o, Jean Bruno Tagne has moved away from the Cameroon Football Federation. He has not been appointed to any position in the Cameroonian football governing body. Since then, the journalist has sometimes harshly commented on certain decisions taken by Samuel Eto’o without, however, mentioning the reasons for his withdrawal from Eto’o’s circle.

A surfer finally made him speak. This is Nkamoise Layanna. She accuses Jean Bruno Tagne of having been an accomplice in the current “dictatorship” at Fecafoot. “My big boy, you are one of those who endorsed the dictatorship and the Fecafoot scam. We cannot condemn the modification of the constitution with Biya and encourage the modification of the texts of Fecafoot with Eto’o. It’s you who made Eto’o win these elections if I encouraged and supported Eto’o it’s because I saw you on these shores! “, she commented.

For once, Jean Bruno Tagne gives the reasons for his departure. Contrary to Ernest Obama’s remarks which tend to make people believe that Eto’o only retained the competent ones,

” Yes yes. And when I saw the turn this case was taking, I packed up. It’s the least I could do, ”replied Jean Bruno Tagne.

Another Internet user pushed the journalist to explain to the public why he decided to support Eto’o when he did not have a good image of the person. Indeed Jean Bruno Tagne had widely criticized Samuel Eto’o before finally accepting the offer to be part of his campaign team.
“Jean-Bruno Tagne, it was not after supporting him that you saw the turn, brother! You know the man better than anyone and even documented the fruit of your vision on him before many who gossip today were born. I don’t know what words you will use one day to explain this support to people who follow you. Worse still, since he’s been there you haven’t commented on any of these decisions, but well maybe you’ll do it again in a book, ”wonders a user.

In his defense, Tagne explains that he believed the man had changed. ” yes. And I think we’re all human. And humans can change. “, he commented.

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