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Rotten fish from Congelcam?

Congelcam is accused of selling rotten fish

The Congelcam rotten fish case is taking a new turn with at least three complaints filed in the competent courts. While part of the opinion speaks of high-level poisoning, some Cameroonians speak of a tribalist attack.

For several days, a case of so-called damaged fish products has held public opinion in suspense in Cameroon. A quality control that was carried out at the end of March in several businesses in the town of Obala resulted in the seizure of a large stock of products recognized as poor quality by the services of the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Industries. Situation which will provoke the anger of the company Congelcam which sees in this an act of sabotage. Why should a food security affair arouse in a certain opinion political or community overtones in relation to the actors or those involved?

The facts as told!

The Prefect of the Department of Lekie, Mr. Simou Patrick conducted an operation to destroy several tons of fish products declared to be of poor quality by the competent services of his administrative district on March 25th. This operation follows the checks carried out in the town of Obala by the departmental services of the sworn ministry of fisheries and animal industries. This control mission resulted in the seizure of several tons of fish of various varieties deemed damaged in 03 fishmongers belonging to the Congelcam Company. The prefectural authority immediately ordered the destruction of this stock of consumer products deemed harmful to local populations.

A question of Health safety and nothing but Health safety!


The President of the Republic Paul Biya, in his vision advocates health and education for all and therefore guaranteeing health to the populations is an indisputable duty which falls personally on his responsibility. It is because he cannot tolerate the slightest risk of intoxication or poisoning that he has always given strict instructions to the dismemberments of the State in this sense so that nothing and no one is an obstacle to good health. populations. If it is therefore proven that the fish products seized were of poor quality, the operation is therefore in line with the firm instructions given by the hierarchy of the prefectural authority who only executed them to save the local populations. of possible intoxication or poisoning. Public health issues have no political coloring, even less community. They impose themselves on the whole of society without any distinction. It is therefore the responsibility of the political authority not to admit any tolerance because it is a question of life.

Les Saisies, a habit of the administrative authority!

The case of so-called damaged fish is not the only case of seizures and destruction. In addition to counterfeit or adulterated liquors, there are also toxic contraband drugs that the state strives to fight and destroy when they are seized. These operations carried out by the State are aimed at protecting consumers and guaranteeing their health at all costs. If the State has no qualms about destroying dangerous products from smuggling, it is even more demanding for those to whom it gives authorizations to import or produce foodstuffs. To deal with swine fever in July 2021, the governor of the Western region ordered the closure of several pig farms, the country had then lost more than 2000 heads of pigs either slaughtered and destroyed or simply decimated. But this meat has been banned for consumption. The same is true of the various poultry farms which have been asked to destroy tens of thousands of heads of poultry because of avian flu. That some see what happened in Lekié under a trivial and partisan prism is not to measure the seriousness of such a situation in terms of health.
Damaged fish, Nothing to do with the Flambeau or the community!

This phenomenon, which is growing in Cameroon and which has taken off since the 2018 presidential election, characterized by the politicization or tribalization of everything, is already taking a rather worrying turn. Here is a situation that puts the market regulator and the trader in conflict, but has been taken over by a band of individuals who have taken the media and communication channels hostage to give them a political or tribal color. This pernicious turn is taking worrying proportions which risks being harmful for the country. The Party does not make the business as well as the community. The Party or the community cannot replace the State. one or the other are its components and not the other way around.

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