Reconstruction of Anglophone Regions: The French Government had lied with supporting with 40billion

Reconstruction of Anglophone Regions: The French Government had lied with supporting with 40billion

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July 12, 2022 0

Reconstruction of Anglophone Regions: The French Government had lied with supporting with 40billion

The coordinator of the Presidential Plan asks France to keep its promise by granting the 40 billion CFA francs announced by Jean-Yves Le Drian.
The steering committee of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development (Pprd) of the North-West and South-West Regions (NOSO) held its 4th session on July 8, in the Prime Minister’s office.

After the closed session with the various partners, the coordinator of the Plan, Paul Tasong, who is also Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (Minepat), opened up to journalists to find out more about the financing of reconstruction, among others.

The audience was amazed to learn that out of the 89.9 billion CFA francs initially expressed in 2020 for the execution of the Ppdr, only 11 billion CFA francs have been mobilized so far “of which 75% comes from the public treasury”, revealed Paul Tasung.
As for the other partners, only Japan shows commitment. An additional contribution from this friendly country of Cameroon to the tune of 900 million FCFA is also expected in the coming days.

“This will bring Japan’s contribution to 2.4 billion CFA francs. Which is highly significant in terms of symbols. We attach great importance to this contribution from Japan”, greeted the Minister, without forgetting “the significant contribution of the national private sector of 1.2 billion CFA francs”.

On the other hand, Paul Tasong does not understand the attitude of the other Western bilateral partners, including France, whose former Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, had publicly announced France’s contribution of 40 billion FCFA (approximately 52 million Euros)”. So far, Yaoundé says it has not yet seen a single trace of active solidarity from Paris.

No kopecks received. The minister has tried somehow to take refuge in his politically correct speech. But it was visibly stronger than him. He even came to make biased remarks. “On July 4 and 5, 2022, a conference was held to mobilize funding for the reconstruction of Ukraine. This conference was held in Lugano (Switzerland, editor’s note).

A figure of 750 billion dollars has already been announced for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Not to mention that the war in Ukraine is far from over. She is well underway. Figures like that are already announced. I would not allow myself any interpretations whatsoever. It is often said that comparison is not reason. I wouldn’t want to be wrong,” he said. Double weights, two measures, it seems to insinuate.

However, Paris has always expressed its attachment to Cameroon. She seems to forget that we don’t live on love and fresh water alone. In any case, Yaoundé is waiting for proof of love. Otherwise, how to understand this two-speed solidarity? Especially since “no friendly country of Cameroon, no international organization has come out in favor of any secession, any partition of Cameroon” and that no one shows their solidarity.
On the other hand, all were unanimous in saying that the borders of Cameroon are inviolable, as stated in the Constitution (…) It is important, fundamental and capital that this political position taken be accompanied by financial effects”, insists the minister. Nevertheless, the Cameroonian government still has some hope.

“Knowing the strength of relations between Cameroon and France, we have no reason to doubt that this promise will be fulfilled. Quite simply, we may imagine that the wait was to make sure what we can do. Today we have proven this to you extensively. There is no longer any doubt about the feasibility of implementing the Presidential Plan. We think it will come, ”qualified Paul Tasong.

7,000 students and teachers

Despite the indecisiveness of these bilateral partners, the Pprd implemented by the UNDP has nevertheless made some notable progress since its start 18 months earlier. These results show:

– 19 rehabilitated water points giving 174,476 people access to drinking water;
– 15 health centers rehabilitated allowing 5,451 patients to access care;
– 22 schools rehabilitated, allowing more than 7,000 pupils and teachers to return to school;
– four bridges rehabilitated;
– 800 lost documents provided;

– more than 50 internal mediators trained in stakeholder engagement, effective communication and security;
– 12 festivals and social and cultural events, including film and music festivals and sports tournaments;
– five community centers supported/rehabilitated, with 125,500 beneficiaries;
– more than 2,403 farmers supported with agricultural equipment and tools;
– 53 stores rehabilitated to revive economic activity;
– 120 young start-ups supported by business training, mentoring and financing;
– 47 cooperatives supported to improve agricultural production, etc.

As a reminder, the Pprd is based on three pillars, namely the revitalization of the NOSO economy, access to basic social services, in particular education and health, and the consolidation of social cohesion. On the importance of the reconstruction of these two regions, the resident representative of the UNDP, Jean Luc Stalon said that “the NOSO represents between 7 and 10% of the GDP of Cameroon”.

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