Reconciliation: a dinner invitation card sent by Eto'o to Nathalie Koah ignites the net - Latest Updates on business and health
Reconciliation: a dinner invitation card sent by Eto’o to Nathalie Koah ignites the net

Reconciliation: a dinner invitation card sent by Eto’o to Nathalie Koah ignites the net

N Melo
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August 14, 2022 0

Reconciliation: a dinner invitation card sent by Eto’o to Nathalie Koah ignites the net

Nathalie Koah is warmly invited

• The Cameroonian influencer received the card

• Samuel Eto’o Fils is the sender

The President of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot)Samuel Eto’o Fils is also the ex-lover of the entrepreneur and influencerNatalie Koah . The latter is well known for her affair with the former Indomitable Lion and the book “Revenge Porn” which she wrote after their resounding breakup, characterized by a sex scandal which splashed the two Cameroonians.

Since then, the situation has been tense betweenNathalie Koah andSamuel Eto’o Son . No wonder, in most cases, the post-breakup periods are not very unifying, especially when you know the conditions under which the two (02) celebrities separated.

Samuel Eto’o Son andNathalie Koah have moved on, each on their own. Even if the former lovebirds regularly give the impression of always following each other, the page has indeed been turned.

Ahead of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, the president of the national football governing body,Samuel Eto’o Fils does not do things by halves. The Indomitable Lions are qualified for the competition, a tournament they want to win.

If you have to go throughNathalie Koah to achieve this,Samuel Eto’o Fils is ready. Moreover, he would have sent an invitation card to the influencer: “Ms.Natalie Koah . The Supreme Heritage Committee of Qatar and my modest person invite you to a cocktail reception on Sunday August 14, 2022 at the Famous restaurant located in the Bastos district, at 6 p.m. sharp.

Samuel Eto’o Fils makes an important clarification: “This is in order to explore the opportunities surrounding the next Qatar 2022 World Cup. To this end, I have the honor to invite you to enhance this event with your presence. SignSamuel Eto’o Son “.

The president of Fecafoot, now forty-one (41) years old, sent the same invitation toMarcelle Kuetche . “Marcelle Kuetche is no longer someone’s friend. The actress presents to you the private invitation she received from the president of Fecafoot Mr.Samuel Eto’o Fils for a cocktail dinner today in Yaoundé. In fact, she was selected to be an ambassador for the Qatar 2022 World Cup”, rejoiced a user.

OutragedNathalie Koah andMarcelle Kuetche ,Samuel Eto’o Fils invited Moustik le Karismatik, Lucas Filatrio, Raissa Chimala, Haricot Beans, Koppo, Monsieur Chantal, etc.

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