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Rebecca Enonchong denounces the practices of Samuel Eto’o

Rebecca Enonchong denounces the practices of Samuel Eto’o

N Melo
by N Melo
August 30, 2022 0

Rebecca Enonchong denounces the practices of Samuel Eto’o

The mandate of the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation could increase from 4 to 7 years. This would be Samuel Eto’o’s wish. This measure, which aims to revise the texts of Fecafoot and to keep Samuel Eto’o in power as long as possible, is not going well with certain opinion leaders. Cameroonian businesswoman Rebecca Enonchong denounces the methods of Samuel Eto’o who, according to her, had started his mandate well.

“Why do these guys start well and then get bogged down in dictatorship? “, she posted on her Twitter account. The businesswoman is not unanimous. Several of his subscribers believe that Samuel Eto’o, given the large-scale projects he has for Cameroonian football, needs to give himself a little more time.

“Nothing serious can be built in 4 years at this level. If he did, he was right. At some point it is good to question certain beliefs which obviously do not stand up to reality. It’s still crazy, all this ideological followership, ”comments a user.

For Rebecca Enonchong, nothing can justify such a posture of the president of Fecafoot. If Eto’o wants to do well, he could have run for a second term if he wanted to, she proclaims:

“Eto’o is taken as a symbol. This act was not necessary because the mandates are renewable. He will have been re-elected without any problem. Linking the length of the mandate to that of the PRC is symbolically a mistake. It sends the wrong message.”

For the time being, Fecafoot has not given the details of this proposed modification which would be validated by the General Assembly.

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