Queency, the most followed Anglophone Cameroonian actress on Facebook

Queency, the most followed Anglophone Cameroonian actress on Facebook

N Melo
by N Melo
May 26, 2022 0

Queency, the most followed Cameroonian actress on Facebook

Queency Breezy
– Queency Breezy reaches 2 million followers on Facebook
– She becomes the most followed actress on Facebook

– She responds to those who criticize her fame

Queency Breezy, better known as Future Billionaire has crossed the 2 million followers mark on Facebook. She is now the most followed Cameroonian actress and content creator on this social network.
She is one of the few public figures to owe her fame solely to her content. She has never been the subject of any scandal and for this, Internet users have shown their admiration.

The young and talented actress also made a post about it. Not only to thank her subscribers, but to deplore the attitude of some and others to public figures while inviting them to learn to highlight the positive of a person, not the degrading elements. This message responds to people who have implied that she has bought subscribers.

“If one day by mistake my nudes arrive on social networks, you will put more in front of it than my content because that’s actually what you like. The bad, dirty, degrading sides of influencers. But when an influencer does something good, you will almost never put it forward. When I hit 2 million subscribers, all that came to the forefront was that I bought my subscribers, I boosted my page, I’m not famous… Nobody saw that I have the millions of views on my page. I started videos in 2016, I am one of the first content creators in Cameroon, I am the first to register on TikTok, I am the first to make comedy content on social networks, I am 100% Cameroonian.” she said before adding:

“Unfortunately for me I’m in a country where we prefer to highlight the gossip than the good work of everyone. It’s rare to see an influencer, an artist on Facebook when he does something good. It’s only when he does something bad that he becomes popular. It’s sad. Anyway, thanks to those who really support us on a daily basis.

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