Psychosis and confusion in Ambazonian Leadership with Field Marshiall out

Psychosis and confusion in Ambazonian Leadership with Field Marshiall out

N Melo
by N Melo
July 16, 2022 0

Psychosis and confusion in Ambazonian Leadership with killing of Field Marshall

The Cameroonian army seems determined to take things in hand to overcome the Ambaboys, in other words the separatists and the latest reversals speak in their favor.

Indeed, by neutralizing Field Marshall, the Cameroonian army has sown a psychosis in No Pity and his people, we learn from internal sources among the separatists.

The Cameroonian army for several hours has continued to exhibit the corpse of Ambazonian General Field Marshall. His death was confirmed on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. The Cameroonian army issued a statement indicating that it had shot the powerful Ambazonian general in Lebialem. Since then, several contradictory information on the circumstances of this death have made the rounds of social networks and separatist networks. Some speak of betrayal. Field Marshall would have been the victim of a friendly blow.

But what is remarkable is the spectacle that the army has organized around this war trophy.

Indeed, the corpse of Field Marshall was the subject of an exhibition in the military camp. Doubtful soldiers and administrative authorities came to witness with their own eyes the remains of the immortal King of Lebialem, Field Marshall.

After this step, the body of the formidable Ambazonian general killed by his own and whose remains were returned to the army, was exposed at a crossroads. This is the Kumba crossroads. Passersby and other doubters from the scene came to see with their own eyes the remains of the King of Lebialem, Field Marshall.

These acts of the army are difficult to pass in the separatist factions which evoke a humiliation. Naturally, these are already thinking of ripostes as they are used to.

Another very important point to raise is the strategy ofPaul Biya to overcome the Anglophone crisis.

Indeed, it is an open secret for no one, the Head of State has sent the formidable Colonel Bamkoui to retirement. What we didn’t know was thatPaul Biya had planned everything. His replacement already has.

The Ambaboys will have to face a new strategic reorganization of the army. In effect,Paul Biya sent the formidable General Bouba Dobékréo to the area to control the situation. The latter is renowned for his brutality and his sense of mastery of asymmetric warfare. The future looks eventful in the NOSO.

N Melo
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