PSG: Mbappé orders the departure of Neymar!

PSG: Mbappé orders the departure of Neymar!

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June 29, 2022 0

PSG: Mbappé orders the departure of Neymar!

The worst ending, which some in Brazil see as a public betrayal in front of everyone. According to El País , Paris Saint Germain have told Neymar he won’t stay at the club and will have to leave before the end of the transfer window as he won’t be considered.

“Kylian Mbappé has ordered changes to the organization and demanded the dismissal of the club’s now former sporting director, Leonardo, Neymar’s famous accomplice. Mbappé also highlighted the disadvantage that everyone already knew: his systematic indiscipline in training and after returning from injury ,” revealed El País.

And the reality is that these are not rumors because it is well known that Mbappé can’t stand Neymar and his lack of commitment during the week, which is then reflected in the matches. So, the measures to be taken by Paris Saint Germain is to put Neymar on the market but for him to go on loan because his transfer is impossible to buy because he has a contract until 2027 and costs around 150 million euros. .

And to speed up his departure, PSG have reportedly marked that they will cover his €38m salary and the only thing he will ask for is loan compensation. After that, Neymar explained to his relatives at PSG that he felt humiliated, and that he now hoped to have the opportunity to play for another big club. The Brazilian was harassed by the local press, the supporters and especially the leaders, Al Khelaifi in the lead.

Indeed, in recent weeks, the owner of PSG has been harsh towards Neymar in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien: “Neymar? What I can say is that we expect all players to do a lot more than last season. Much more. Everyone has to be 100%. We must become humble again. We have to change to avoid injuries, suspensions and game-changing fouls. We are building. We have to be disciplined on and off the pitch. Whoever wants to stay in their comfort zone, whoever doesn’t want to fight, will stay on the sidelines ,” he said.

That being the case, the main candidate to snap up Neymar is Chelsea, who are looking to bring him in on loan, pay him off and try to get him back to his best. Thomas Tuchel, who had already had him at PSG, reportedly asked the club to make an effort to sign him and break the Premier League deal.

However, Manchester United and Newcastle are also monitoring the situation of PSG bib number 10, who, precisely, will no longer play for PSG next season, in all likelihood. The end of the idyll between PSG and the Brazilian star seems to have come to an end.

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