Power Change in Cameroon: Franck Biya received at the Elysée (Jeune Afrique)

Power Change in Cameroon: Franck Biya received at the Elysée (Jeune Afrique)

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July 20, 2022 0

Power Change in Cameroon: Franck Biya received at the Elysée (Jeune Afrique)

Jeune Afrique comments on the upcoming arrival of President Emmanuel Macron in Cameroon from the angle of the war of succession in the seraglio. The pan-African magazine exclusively reveals that the eldest son of the Head of State Franck Biya was received in audience at the Elysée. Without however specifying the date of this meeting, Jeune Afrique indicates that Emmanuel Macron cannot ignore the presidential intentions of Franck Biya and Chantal Biya.

“We were told and repeated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where we met many people – moreover less and less responsible – that France never interfered in the internal affairs of another country. How to believe it? Do they believe in it themselves?

It is, indeed, hard to believe when this visit takes place in the midst of the succession period at the head of the Cameroonian state. While internal wars are raging to succeed Paul Biya, who is not eternal, Emmanuel Macron comes to spend two days in Cameroon. He cannot ignore the struggles within the CPDM, the choice of Paul Biya, the choice of Chantal Biya, the rise to power of Franck Biya (note in passing that he was recently received at the Élysée), the progressives of the CPDM – if they have the courage to assert themselves”, reveals Jeune Afrique.

The new policy of France according to the newspaper is to support natural dolphins during successions. Paris no longer intends to manufacture its leaders at the head of the States. “The constant of French politics since the end of Françafrique seems to be to trust the one who is in place, in his chosen succession, rather than playing the card of renewal and rupture, for fear of the unknown, the new woman or the new man whose objectives we do not really know. In Cameroon as elsewhere in Africa. “says Jeune Afrique.

This is how President Emmanuel Macron had dubbed, in violation of the Chadian constitution, the seizure of power by Mahamat Idriss Deby following the death of his father. Paris also supported, despite opposition challenges, the candidacy of Ivorian octogenarian Alassane Ouattara for a controversial third term. In Togo, the Elysée sent a letter of congratulations to Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé candidate re-elected for the 4th time at the head of Togo.

The arrival of Emmanuel Macron in Cameroon, to allow him to know the successor of Biya chosen and validated by the octogenarian president. For some analysts, Franck Biya is on track to take the place of his father.

Waiting for Biya to die

Analyzing Macron’s trip, senior French civil servant and novelist Thomas Dietrich, described the situation in which Cameroonians currently live. The country is obviously no longer governed. Everything is happening in Cameroon as if everyone is waiting for the death of Pau Biya to move on.

“For Cameroon, it’s more complicated. We have a president who has been in place for 40 years. Paul Biya is at least 89 years old and rules this country with an iron fist. Lives it completely in anticipation of Biya’s death. This is a sign of the destabilization of the country because there are problems in the North with the incursions of terrorist groups Boko Haram. We know that there are problems in the North-West and South-West,” he explains.

Several facts corroborate the analysis of the writer. Increasingly absent, Cameroon now seems to be led by the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. He gives orders to the whole government including Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. He distributes marks to bad students and does not hesitate to humiliate those who try to question his legitimacy.

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