Political change in Cameroon: Anglophone activists write to MRC leaders

Political change in Cameroon: Anglophone activists write to MRC leaders

N Melo
by N Melo
December 7, 2021 0

Political change in Cameroon: Anglophone activists write to MRC leaders

The succession to Paul Biya at the head of Cameroon has become a concern for all actors of the Cameroonian political scene. While the ruling party is witnessing a violent clan war, on the side of the democratic opposition forces, Maurice Kamto is considered the best alternative, but his political strategy is not unanimously accepted.

In an open letter addressed to the various leaders of the Movement for the Alternative of Cameroon (MRC), the Anglophone activists of the page “English Cameroon for a United Cameroon” invite them to get more involved in this letter in order to avoid “the improvisation of Maurice Kamto.

Political change in Cameroon: Anglophone activists write to MRC leaders
Political change in Cameroon: Anglophone activists write to MRC leaders

Message to some MRC/CRM activists: Get more involved and stop the improvisation of Mr. Kamto to ensure competitive elections in the future
Mrs. Mispa Awasum
Mr. Albert Dzongang
Chief Biloa Effa
Mr. Mamadou Mota
Ms. Michelle Ndocki
Mr. Christopher Ndong.
Mr. Eric Njabon
Mr. Henri Njoko
Ms. Tirane Noah
Mr. Emmanuel Simh
And many other leaders of the MRC/CRM.

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

In no more than 1414 days (202 weeks), Mr. Biya will leave office at the end of his term or he will be forced to resign before the end of his term. The constitutionally mandated election offers Cameroonians the opportunity to choose a third president through a competitive election. For this competitive election, two strong parties are needed and your party currently stands out among the opposition. If the CPDM is not imploded by the specially designed Frank Biya movement, whatever number of 300 parties field candidates in this election will fall to the CRM/MRC and the CPDM. From our observation, your leadership is on the verge of squandering this opportunity with bad strategies and unsuccessful improvisations that may plunge Cameroonians into a deeper pit of fatalism. You owe it to the nation to change this and make the CRM/MRC a strong and competitive party in the next presidential election. Our position is non-partisan; we are working towards a confrontation between the two strongest parties. We are committed to fighting the Frankist movement by buying the support of traditional leaders and discredited regional elites. The CPDM is a national resource that must be preserved as a reformed party. Strategically, Cameroonians need both parties to get the best political deal. The return to federalism as a path to political stability and economic growth will be at the heart of these upcoming elections. Competition will produce the best deal for all Cameroonians.

Don’t spoil it! You must prove that you want to win and that you can govern on the basis of deliberative plans, not improvisations.

1. What is the problem with the way Mr. Kamto has abused the popular outrage against Mr. Biya?

– Your party’s focus on the electoral code, in alliance with pro-regime parties, shows a lack of strategy.

– After the blocking of the presentation of the electoral code, Mr. Kamto moved on to the resignation of the Anglophones. It was an improvisation; you did not mention it as a strategy. If you did, then your whole group is missing something

– Perhaps, in order to show that he is not a coward, Mr. Kamto addressed a spontaneous crowd and, lacking a clear plan to share with the public, made provocative and vague references to being ready to fight. Fight what and fight how? Vagueness leaves room for the opponent to define and attack you. It is fair to say that you are prepared to protest any future election for which you run candidates. You cannot prevent an election from being held.

– There is no systematic approach to fighting for the immediate release of prisoners and an end to the continued intimidation of Cameroonians simply because they are MRC/MRC activists.

– Your party continues to use gre a gre instead of defending the constitutional transfer of power. This is misleading. We don’t use that phrase here, except to show that it is indicative of the France-Africa way of just deflecting protests against specific violations. The defense of the constitution and the defense of the elections are the two central things we need to focus on.

N Melo
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