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Poisoning phenomenon in Cameroon: The evil is getting worse

Poisoning phenomenon in Cameroon: The evil is getting worse

N Melo
by N Melo
August 31, 2022 0

Poisoning phenomenon in Cameroon: The evil is getting worse

For some time now, the phenomenon has unreservedly affected Cameroonian society. The recent case remains the poisoning of a wedding buffet in Mbalmayo on the weekend of August 20, 2022.

More victims due to the “poison”. But this time the cruelty has doubled in measure. Because it was during a wedding banquet in the district of Nkol-Metet, department of Nyong and So’o, in the small village of Nsessougou in the center region, that the tragedy occurred. Indeed, shortly after the service of the first guests, many people complained of stomach aches due to food poisoning, which unfortunately is similar to mass food poisoning, where several guests including the newlyweds were victims of diarrhea and vomiting. A fabulous evening that turned into a night of horror where the guests collapsed, their eyes rolled back, the foam coming out of their mouths and noses.

The victims even had to be immediately rushed to a hospital in Nko-Metet. According to the explanations of a doctor, what happened to the patients could not be a simple “food intolerance”. The guests suffered and continue to suffer from infectious food poisoning causing diarrhea, vomiting and other attacks.

Testimonies collected secretly reveal that it would be the work of a “wounded in the war”, an ex-girlfriend of the groom, who would be jealous of the fact that the latter would have promised her marriage to abandon her in the detriment of another. This one would therefore have introduced poison during the preparation of the Buffet. This again brings to light the complexity of sentimental relationships and its corollary of wickedness. “Between broken marriage promises and the security of the food to be used for festive evenings, there are only Cameroonians who must be serious in their relationships, women who should cultivate the spirit of resilience,

The latest news is that the suspects have been identified and apprehended by the judicial authorities. In the same wake, three people died in the Ekounou district in Yaoundé, after eating a meal. So far no trace of the author of the package, even if the investigations remain in progress. It is important to emphasize here that such vas have become legion in the cities.

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