Paul Biya maintains an Anglophone as head of Elecam for 2025 Elections

Paul Biya maintains an Anglophone as head of Elecam for 2025 Elections

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July 13, 2022 0

Paul Biya maintains an Anglophone as head of Elecam for 2025 Elections

The next presidential election is fast approaching. Paul Biya has just completed half of his current term. By 2025, he will be 93 years old, which does not prevent some of his supporters from fighting for the latter to stand again for a new seven-year term. If this were to materialize, even at 100 years old, Paul Biya would still be in power. But long before, there are adjustments to be made. He has just proceeded to the appointment of other members to the Electoral Council of “Elections Cameroon” (ELECAM), considered by some detractors as the fraud machine which favors the maintenance in power of the Biya clan.

The President of the Republic has issued a Decree appointing two (02) members of the Electoral Council of “Elections Cameroon” (ELECAM). Section 1

.- Are, from the date of signature of this decree, appointed members of the Electoral Council e “Elections Cameroon”, the personalities hereinafter designated: • Mrs. EPOH, born NGO HAGBE BELL Clémence Fleur; • Mr NGA Gasper THAIRINYUY.
Article 2.- The interested parties will be entitled to the benefits of any kind provided for by the regulations in force.
Article 3.- This decree will be registered, published according to the emergency procedure, then inserted in the Official Journal in French and in English/-

These two people are presented as members of the circle of the presidential family and that they will not than the will of Paul Biya. According to indiscretions, these two appointments surprised some at the Etoudi Palace since they were not aware.

Presidential 2025: Elecam is already preparing the succession of Paul Biya

The Cameroonian political class is already preparing for the upcoming elections. All eyes are undoubtedly on 2025 when the presidential election should be held. This election is a key issue for Cameroon because we could witness the succession of President Paul Biya who has reigned supreme over the country for several decades. Even if for the moment nothing is recorded, many are considering this scenario.

But in the meantime, the body in charge of organizing the elections in Cameroon is already oiling its machine. Indeed, she held an important meeting today in the Cameroonian capital.

“Elections Cameroon held its 2nd ordinary session of the electoral council for the year 2022 on June 29. President Enow Abrams Egbe noted that to date, 237,931 new registrants have been registered against 64,949 at the same period in 2021. The total number of registrants is 7,197,779, i.e. 3,353,760 women”, published the CRTV on its Facebook page.

As a reminder, Elections Cameroon (Elecam) is the public body in charge of organizing elections in Cameroon. It takes care of the organization upstream with the constitution of the electoral lists, their consolidation, the reception of the candidatures, the actual organization of the polls and the proclamation of the results. She is often accused of being under the boot of Paul Biya’s regime.

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