Nine civilians killed in Missong: an investigation requested, the Cameroonian army trembles

Nine civilians killed in Missong: an investigation requested, the Cameroonian army trembles

N Melo
by N Melo
July 9, 2022 0

Nine civilians killed in Missong: an investigation requested, the Cameroonian army trembles

It is the massacre of too many!!! The Cameroonian army confirmed the massacre of nine (09) civilians, including an 18-month-old child and four women, on the evening of Wednesday June 1, 2022 in Missong by Zhoa, in the Arrondissement of Fungom, Department of Mentchum, North West region.

It is one of the worst massacres carried out by loyalist forces in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon, which has been plagued by a secessionist war for several years. This time, it was not the Ambaboys who were killed but the civilians, including several women and children. Faced with the stacker of this carnage, the government wanted to react by providing details.

With a heavy toll of at least 9 dead, the government wants to crack down by punishing the perpetrators of this crime.

Once is not custom according to Bertin Metsengue:

“This situation is not isolated. We can put in the same vein the events of Ngarbuh and that of Santa in which the country recorded civilian and military losses following a lack of cooperation between the defense force and the populations. How can we defeat a faceless enemy hidden in the population and who can strike at any time and whose first victims are women and children without frank collaboration? Some populations in the South-West and North-West have a strange behavior marked by the rejection of the defense and security forces either for fear of reprisals or by complicity. Something that leads to regrettable acts like those of Missong. However, we never understand why when the ambas, these vulgar criminals murder in the most atrocious way children or even young girls are not rejected or handed over to the security forces. They are protected despite their horrors and their crimes.
Until the supreme sacrifice! We learn

from the latest news from our colleague Actu Cameroun that an investigation has been opened to establish responsibilities. And always the colleague the Rights went there of their bitterness and claim that this investigation is transparent.

“The military’s acknowledgment of responsibility and announcing an investigation are essential steps towards justice for these serious crimes. (…) The authorities must now ensure that the investigation be thorough, impartial and independent, and allow for the establishment of a clear chronology of events and the identification of all those responsible, particularly within the chain of command, with the aim of initiating prosecutions” said Ilaria Allegrozzi, senior Central Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.

N Melo
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