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Muslims very upset against Atanga Nji; a letter on Biya’s table

Muslims very upset against Atanga Nji; a letter on Biya’s table

N Melo
by N Melo
May 30, 2022 0

Muslims very upset against Atanga Nji; a letter on Biya’s table

Muslims spit fire

• Lively controversy around the pricing of Hajj 2022

• A letter addressed to Paul Biya

Hajj 2022 will take place this year in Mecca. It is a tradition for Muslims and followers of Muhammad.

In Cameroon, things do not seem to be going well. Muslims are angry with Paul Atanga Nji and for good reason, the 2022 pricing imposed by the Minat does not suit the faithful of the Prophet Mohammed.

For this edition, more than 3 million are requested from each faithful Muslim for their participation.

The Islamic cultural association through its executive president El Hadj Iddy Mama and other actors seek the intervention of President Paul Biya in order to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam.

The President of the Motive council of the Muslim community of Cameroon El hadj IDDY MAMA breaks the silence and spits fire and requests the arbitration of Paul Biya.

For the prohibitive costs of the Hajj in Cameroon, the ACIC therefore seeks arbitration from the Head of State because the joy of Muslims in Cameroon to reconnect with the hajj, after two years of interruption following the Covid-19 pandemic , was wiped out by the very high cost of the trip decided by the Minister of Territorial Administration, president of the National Hajj Commission.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Republic, the national president of the Islamic Cultural Association of Cameroon (Acic), expressing the consternation even the anger of the Muslims of Cameroon, candidates for the trip to Mecca, begs the Head of State to return the management of Hajj, which is a private matter to Muslims.

The avowed objective being to be able to reduce the price of this holy journey to an affordable level for several followers of Allah.

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