Muriel Blanche defends her relationship with MITOUBA

Muriel Blanche defends her relationship with MITOUBA

N Melo
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June 12, 2022 0

Muriel Blanche defends her relationship with MITOUBA

A user makes inappropriate comments about Muriel Blanche

• Her comment evokes the relationship between the actress and Ebenezer Kepombia

• Muriel Blanche responds to this user

Under a publication by Muriel Blanche, a user made a mark concerning a part of his body.

“What grease is that in the middle of your armpits?” It shows how much Papa Kepombia’s hands can age your breasts and make them slippery. Don’t let him press your breasts anymore. He is too old. “, she commented.

Other subscribers found this comment very out of place and inappropriate.
“Do you have to say anything to people? »
“I’m not a fan of Muriel Blanche but that doesn’t mean that I have to insult her. At some point you have to stop a little ”

Muriel Blanche meanwhile replied to this person. “Still happy, because he is only 52 years old. Because, the hands that will truly age my boobs, they must be 70 or older. Which is more than enough to put him in the role of sugar daddy from the height of my 32 years, ”replied the actress.

This response suggested that she confirms and gives clues regarding her relationship with director Ebenezer Kepombia. Internet users have also focused on it and we also conclude that she now assumes her relationship with Ebenezer Kepombia.

“Finally it’s confirmed. I can now leave the country”

“Yet his answer is clear. But despite that, there are people who still can’t understand”

“Who didn’t understand? Haaaaa confirmation of that! »

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