Michelle Ndoki appears manipulated and the Quality to lead the MRC- B. Zebaze

Michelle Ndoki appears manipulated and the Quality to lead the MRC- B. Zebaze

N Melo
by N Melo
June 7, 2022 0

Michelle Ndoki appears manipulated and does not have the Quality to lead the MRC- Benjamin Zebaze

Michele Ndoki wants to replace Kamto

The candidacy of Michelle Ndoki for the presidency of the political party Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), has made Benjamin Zebaze react. For the journalist, although eligible, the lawyer is not ready for such a position.

The MRC activist expressed yesterday her willingness to compete to replace Maurice Kamto at the head of this opposition party. Some excited people have been agitating since then, but if the texts are respected, why would she not be a candidate if she believes she has the profile?

In my opinion, the problem is elsewhere because those who are offended by this announcement are generally the same ones who did not lack imagination to qualify an ordinary lawyer as a “woman of the people” and other similar terms; this after one or two media outings.

This is where we are in this country: we are only concerned with the scum of the earth. It doesn’t take much to go from “zero to hero” in the eyes of many Cameroonians.
When people like me remind you that things are not that simple, we are accused of being “jealous” even when the facts show that those we “jealously” are not up to the task.

Some MRC activists who have made Michèle Ndocky an icon should shut up: it is because of their way of doing things that she believes she is legitimate to lead a party like the MRC when, in my opinion, she does not have the required level.


– The MRC is meant to take power. Its president must be ready to lead the country;

– What is the “ideological corpus” of Michele Ndocky?

– What are the solutions or new ideas that she will put on the table to solve the problems of health, training, justice, form of the State…? In short, what is her program?

– How will she finance this program?

– Who will she work with to gain the trust of Cameroonians?

The questions are both complex and numerous.
As long as a politician is not precise on these few points, he will never get my support.

And right now we are at the bottom of the hole: if there are no clear rules after the imminent departure of Paul Biya, you will see all sorts of presidential candidates announce themselves.

Let’s take bets: Celestin Djamen will also put his “share” of candidacy.
Is all this serious? To lead an organization, a party, a state, it takes a lot of work. Those who have these objectives in mind must resolutely get to work.

N Melo
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