Mbanga: another gendarme killed by the Ambazonians in Pénaboko bordering Muyuka - Latest Updates on business and health
Mbanga: another gendarme killed by the Ambazonians in Pénaboko bordering Muyuka

Mbanga: another gendarme killed by the Ambazonians in Pénaboko bordering Muyuka

N Melo
by N Melo
June 10, 2022 0

Mbanga: another gendarme killed by the Ambazonians

He was going to his family on his motorbike

• A gendarme was killed by the Ambazonians

• It is in Mbanga in the locality of Pénaboko bordering Muyuka

• He was going to his family on board his motorcycle

It becomes tough day by day for men dressed in Cameroon. A gendarme has just been killed in Mbanga by the Ambazonians.

The information has just been made official. And from concordant sources, it is in the locality of Penaboko bordering Muyuka that a gendarme on board a motorcycle heading towards a roadblock where his colleagues were, was shot dead by Ambazonians who immediately the act committed will take the leak.

These armed men have not yet been identified. This new death in the ranks of the Cameroonian army brings to 1379 the number of soldiers killed since the beginning of the war in NOSO.

NOSO: atrocious BIR massacre in Missong with women and children executed, Etoudi wants heads

This is one of the worst massacres carried out by loyalist forces in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon, which has been in the grip of a secessionist war for several years. This time, it was not the Ambaboys who were killed but the civilians, including several women and children. Faced with the stacker of this carnage, the government wanted to react by providing details.

“The Ministry of Defense communicates: on the evening of Wednesday June 1, 2022, around 6:30 p.m., an unfortunate incident caused the death of several civilians in the locality of MISSONG by IHOA, Arrondissement of FUNGOM, Department of MENCHUM, NORTH-WEST region Indeed, 04 (four) of the 07 (seven) elements of the Defense and Security Forces of the “Bravo” Sub-group, under the orders of the Command of the 53 “. Motorized Infantry Battalion (Sr ‘ 81M), detached to the advanced post of ABAR, and returning from a patrol, were immediately redeployed in the village MISSONG, on a mission to search for a missing comrade. to a group of excited villagers.

In an inappropriate reaction,unsuited to the circumstances and manifestly disproportionate to the hostile villagers’ refusal to cooperate, and fearing the worst for themselves and their missing comrade, the soldiers, in a hasty reaction of self-protection, and in defiance of the sacrosanct principle of precaution, will make use of their endowment weapons, ”reads the press release from the Ministry of Defense.

With a heavy toll of at least 9 dead, the government wants to crack down by punishing the perpetrators of this crime.

“The result of this misunderstanding is: – 09 (nine) villagers fatally affected, namely 04 women, 04 men and an 18-month-old girl, all buried on Thursday, June 02 by the inhabitants; – 01 (a) girl, approximately 12 months old, slightly injured and transferred to District General Hospital of WUM for appropriate treatment.

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defense deeply regrets this serious and unfortunate incident and sends his most saddened condolences to the families of the hard-hit victims. As a precautionary measure, the 04 (four) soldiers from the ABAR Advanced Post engaged in the search patrol on Wednesday June 1, 2022 were demobilized, extricated from the area and placed under arrest at the Bamenda Gendarmerie Company.

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