Legacy: violent war between the children of Françoise Foning

Legacy: violent war between the children of Françoise Foning

N Melo
by N Melo
September 19, 2022 0

Legacy: violent war between the children of Françoise Foning

It is the war between the children of the former mayor of Douala 5th, Françoise Foning who died since January 23, 2015. Some of the heirs oppose the organization of the “Françoise Foning Prize” by a foundation led by d’ other children of the deceased from the USA. The slingers denounce a scam. They blame their brothers and sisters who initiated the project for having acted without their consent and alert the Cameroonian authorities.

“It is brought to the attention of the public and officials responsible for public authority that the heirs of the Honorable Tsobgny Nguiazong Françoise Epse Foning of late memory have learned with regret that some of their brothers and sisters have organized for a few months a vast campaign of fraud against public authorities, companies and businessmen, under the pretext of a prize in her honor which would be organized next October by a certain ‘International Foundation Françoise Foning’ based in the States States of America,” says the document signed by the eldest son and co-administrator of the estate, Salomon Tsobny.

The municipal council of the Douala Vth town hall dissociates itself from the project: “We clearly indicate that the formalities for the establishment of a real Foning Foundation born Tsobgny Nguiazong Françoise are still in progress in Cameroon; her country of origin that she has served so much, so that to consider on this day any event under the famous label “International Foundation Françoise Foning” can only be a sham”, he explains before explaining that the succession remains favorable to projects that can honor the memory of MNA Françoise Foning.

“However, remaining open to any positive initiative that honors the memory of this great Lady, the heirs of Mrs. Françoise Foning invite any bearer of a laudable project to approach the estate, for legal purposes”, indicates the press release. of the estate.

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